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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Review: Block by J.A. Huss

Block is the third installment in the Social Media series by JA Huss. I am absolutely loving this series. With each installment I read, JA Huss continues to impress me. These characters are fantastic, and I am enjoying every bit of their journey. If you aren't reading this series you are definitely missing out. Make sure you start at the beginning though because these are not standalone and you don't want to miss a single thing.

In Block, Grace is fighting Vaughn every step of the way. She thought that things were on the right track even though she knew that her feelings for him were likely deeper than his for her. But after an amazing night together, Vaughn stops contacting her. Grace throws herself into her work and starts to bond with her client Kristi. Just when Grace thinks that Vaughn is gone for good, he shows back up and refuses to take no for an answer. But will Grace let him back in again after everything that has happened between them?

We got to see more of Grace's back-story in this book, and I was so excited to see some of what made her the way she was. There is still so much of her that is a mystery, but I loved getting some of her history. I felt like Grace and Vaughn really sort of switched places in this book for the first time in this series. It has always been Grace that wanted more and Vaughn that was fighting what was developing between them. But for the first time we really get to see Vaughn start to acknowledge that he feels more for her than he ever expected to, and he has to really chase her. Vaughn and Grace are so intense and passionate, and I love how strongly they feel things. I can't wait to see more of these two and the amazing chemistry between them.

This was a great installment, and I think that this series just keeps getting better. Grace and Vaughn have so much ahead of them still, and I am looking forward to seeing what JA Huss has in store for them. I highly recommend this series, and I think that if you are looking for a steamy romance you really can't go wrong with this series. I love how different these characters are and I think that they are unlike any others I have ever read before. Grace and Vaughn have definitely become some of my all time favorites, and I am anxiously awaiting the next in this series.

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