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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde

As I continue my Reapers Binge, “Devil’s Game” was a change of pace and storyline. Where the previous books I read were about The Reapers, this is about Em, Picnic-The Reapers President’s daughter. Because Em is a young woman many of the topics covered here were not as intense as the previous books I read.

Em is the daughter of Picnic. She is sweet, kind and very innocent. Her father goes above and beyond to make sure that no one messes with his daughter. That doesn’t make Em too happy since men are afraid of her father. She meets Liam “Hunter” Blake” online and they start to chat. They become friends and they decide to meet.

Hunter was a really interesting hero. He is a Devil’s Jack, sworn enemies of The Reapers. Hunter had a very rough life and he grew up with the Devil’s Jack and they became his only family. He has undying loyalty to them as Em does to The Reapers. Liam wasn’t as horrible as the hero’s in the previous books. He was more confused and uncertain, since him and Em are relatively young they deal with different types of issues.

I really enjoyed “Devil’s Game.” Just like the previous books I read, I could not put this book down! Em was such a fantastic heroine. She was so likeable, yet young and na├»ve. Liam was also very sweet he genuinely cared for Em and fought to be with her.

I have one more book to read in “The Reapers” series and then my life can continue as before, I became so obsessed with this series that I pushed all my other reading aside. Since this is my third book by Joanna Wylde, I can say with 100% certainty-she does not disappoint!

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