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Friday, March 13, 2015

Review: Touched by Light by Catherine Spangler

Touched by Light is #3 in Catherine Spangler's Sentinel Series. I've read all three of these paranormal romances and each one is better the previous one. I enjoy a digital friendship with Ms. Spangler, having connected on Goodreads. I've read and enjoyed many of her books! Knowing her talent at telling a good story, I entered a Fresh Fiction contest for one of her books. That is how I ended up with my copy of Touched by Light!

The Sentinel series is a good-versus-evil series premised on the idea that Atlantis existed. Its people once followed the Light. They still exist as Sentinels, blending into society. Back in Atlantis, some folks broke away to follow Belial. Belial is an evil blood thirsty being that is intent on wiping out all Sentinels and anything else that is good.

In this series, Ms. Spangler pairs super-human Sentinels with human Conductors. Through contact with Sentinels, humans have ability to enhance the energy patterns that Sentinels have picked up at Belial crime scenes. This allows a Sentinel to grasp more detail which hopefully helps in tracking the evil agent of Belial. Since a Sentinel is paired with a Conductor of the opposite sex, this unique methodolgy for hunting the bad guys inevitably leads to intimacy which, of course, leads to romance.

In Touched by Light, Conductor Julia Reynolds is a brilliant professor of physics and math. Logical, with a take-no-crap attitude, Julie is naturally skeptical about the paranormal world that should not exist, according to science. Her past has made her untrusting of all men, much less a man with super-human abilities.

Adam is the man with super-human talents – a Sentinel. Not just any Sentinel, he is a Sanctioned. Sentinel – but – more. He is not supposed to have a connection with a Conductor, so when he and Julia get together, he is shocked and please when sparks fly. Both literally and figuratively.

I love their relationship. It begins with confrontation, progresses to constant irritation and slides into perpetual antagonism. Adam and Julia argue all the time, but their constant discord actually serves to force them to understand each other better. So,while there may have been instant physical attraction, it takes a while for the couple to actually make that spiritual connection, keeping the romance side of the story just as interesting as the good-versus-evil side.

Speaking of evil. Evil seems a mild word to describe the Belians. These are really really bad creatures and us lowly humans don't want to mess with them. There was a lot of action in this hunt for the Belian and it smoothly entwined with the story of Adam and Julia.

To enjoy book 3 in the Sentinel series, you do not need to read book 1. But I do recommend reading Touched by Fire, book 2 in the series, before reading Touched by Light as that is where Julia and Adam first meet and set the tone for their developing relationship. But really, I think reading them all is a good idea! Plus, Touched by Darkness (book 1) is currently free!

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