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Monday, June 8, 2015

ARC Review: Hold Me Until Midnight by Christina Phillips

Ok if you are brand new to romance and have never ever read a girl meets bodyguard, needs bodyguard services, has hot monkey sex with bodyguard and falls in love with bodyguard story, this may be really fresh and exciting plot for you. For the rest of us, it’s a very familiar story. This is an exception to the rule that familiarity breeds contempt, however, because this is still an enjoyable book.

Scarlett needs a bodyguard for a seriously dubious reason- like, I completely don’t get it. Jackson happens to be a bodyguard and answers the call. Scarlett is from a wealthy family and Jackson, not so much. Despite the vast distance between their socio-economic status’ they are instantly attracted to one another. They proceed to have what I like to call 4 star sex involving many interesting surfaces (some vertical).

Despite the predictability of the book, I seriously enjoyed the character depiction. Scarlett was interesting and nuanced and not just some rich socialite. She was strong, not overly angsty and funny at times. I particularly liked the fact that Scarlett was fed up with trying to please her emotionally distant Father and was venturing away from the beaten good girl path for the first time. Interestingly, Jackson has his own Daddy issues that have shaped the choices he’s made in life. The parallel between the vastly different fathers the main characters had was well done and added a lot of depth to the relationship in the story.

Jackson was also my kinda alpha male. He grew up in a tough environment and had the battle scars to prove it. As you might expect, he didn’t “do” relationships but instantly wants to destroy any man who looks in Scarlett’s direction.

Aside from the kind of predictable storyline the only other thing that could be a drawback in this book was the family drama…on both sides of the relationship. There was a lot going on in Jackson and Scarlett’s family and sometimes the drama threatened to overshadow the relationship. On the other hand, it alleviated some of the predictability of the plot line and gave the story some depth so it’s not all bad.

In summary: I recommend this book because it is well written, intelligent and funny with some great sex. You might feel a little ho-hum about the plot but hey think of it like a familiar face in a crowd of books.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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