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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

ARC Review: Teaching the Boss by Mallory Crowe

I have to start by saying that I recognize the fact that sometimes a book is just unlucky in my reading list and this may be one of them. I’ve read quite a few books lately that follow pretty well known formulas in the romance world and I think I’m just reaching an exhaustion point. So keep that in mind when reading my review.

First, let’s go with the good stuff. The writing of this book is good. The descriptions were appropriate, the plot was well structured, the book moved at a good pace and the characters were pretty well developed. Indeed, if you are not currently suffering from office assistant/boss romance fatigue, this might be a really good selection for you.

April is Sam’s assistant. Sam owns a large successful company but April has been with him since he was just some stale nachos and not the whole Taco Bell or whatever. Apparently when April started her job with Sam she was more into eating ho hos than being a ho ho. She grew up found herself a diet and luckily she wasn’t one of those people who loses weight just to discover they have an unattractive face. But still, Sam doesn’t seem to notice her in a romantic way until his model girlfriend gets jealous and tells him to get rid of April. Same is inexplicably weak minded in relation to the chick he met two minutes ago, agrees to get rid of April, her feelings get hurt etc. etc. etc. I don’t want to spoil anything but you can see where things headed.

Here’s more good news about this book, there were some interesting things that happened after April started working for Sam’s dad. And even though I sometimes wished April displayed a little more common sense, she was empathetic and did try to mend the broke down fences between Sam and his Dad. Sam was kind of an ok character but at times he gave me a spoiled rich boy vibe (which is actually pointed out by April at one point). The only downside here is that I’m just not sure corporate espionage works the way the author depicted. And by that I mean that it seemed like total fiction. I’m not going to knock the author for that though since this is after all fiction.

The relationship between April and Sam is well developed and I think you will root for them as a couple despite some early shenanigans in the plot. The sex scenes are very average. Nothing inspiring but not like Harlequin in the 80’s either, just ok.

Because the writing of this book is good, the plot was entertaining and the characters and relationship were well developed, I recommend this book. Just don’t read it around the same time as a bunch of other office romances.

**ARC provided by RockStarLit PR**

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