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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

ARC Review: Let Me Go by Michelle Lynn

Let Me Go is the fifth book in Michelle Lynn's The Invisibles Series, and centers around Rob and Paige. Each book can be read as a standalone, but I would suggest reading these in order if you can for full enjoyment. I really like the characters in this series. They aren't perfect, but they are so real and I like that it is easy to relate to them. They each make mistakes, but it is their flaws that make them who they are.

Rob Winters is the bad boy of the group, and even his friends know that he can be a real jerk. But he acts the way he does for a reason, and he keeps others at arms length to protect himself from ever experiencing hurt like he did in his past. When his friends and roommates get a new roommate, his friend Chrissy makes him promise to stay away from her. But Rob can't stop the flirting he is known for, especially with how attracted to Paige he is. Paige has her own issues and knows that the last thing she needs is to hook up with her roommate, even if she wants him. But when Paige and Rob start to get closer, they find it harder to fight the attraction between them. Can Paige and Rob find a way to help each other and explore the connection between them, or will there be too many obstacles in their way? 

I felt for both Rob and Paige. They were both struggling with so much, and it was clear that they didn't allow others in easily. Paige and Rob both had trust issues, which made them both extremely wary of getting involved with others. Rob had been hurt and left when he needed someone the most, and that altered his entire life. He was so lost, and it wasn't until Paige that he really started to change again. I was glad that Paige didn't let him push her away and get away with everything he tried. He needed someone like her to fight for him, and I liked seeing that side of her. Because of Paige's parents and life growing up not only did she have trust issues, but she was particularly biased when it came to musicians. But Rob showed her that he could be there for her, and it was good to see him support her when she really needed someone. These two connected on a level that they never had with anyone else, and the chemistry between them was really strong. I thought that they made a great couple, and they were hot together! 

Overall, this was a really good story and I liked Rob and Paige a lot. They were flawed and had issues, but they found strength in each other and it was good to see them learn to rely on someone else. I will say that the beginning of this story was very hard for me to get into for some reason. It was kind of slow and I found myself struggling to get invested in these characters, but once I did I really liked this book a lot! I would recommend this book to NA fans, especially if you are a Michelle Lynn fan. This book ended up being one of my favorites of hers and I am so glad that I stuck with it. I look forward to reading more from her.

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