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Monday, June 15, 2015

ARC Review: Teasing the Boss by Mallory Crowe

I liked this book but I didn't love it. Right from the beginning I had issues with the underlying facts of this book. Grace was suffering from a manufactured scandal that was slowly and surely sinking her business. Simon is a fixer circa Olivia Pope who agrees to help her "fix" her situation if she agrees to help him somehow bring down one of her exes. Simon believes the ex is involved in some dirty financial dealings and has not been able to acquire enough evidence to prove it. He thinks that with Graces help, he can finally get the inside track on the ex.

I liked the set up for the story and I had high hopes that it would go somewhere good. My problem is that Grace's issue that needed fixing is resolved in like the first 10% of the book so I didn't really understand the need for Simon to parade around like he and Grace were together when they actually weren't. My next problem was that the ex didn't seem to be buying Simon's cover story from the outset which just contributed to my feeling that it didn't really make continue the fake relationship.

I liked that the book was written in the third person and rotated POVs between Grace and Simon but something about the transitions confused me at certain points. I had to double check which POV we were in more than once. I actually like Simon and Grace's relationship but the development was a little...underdeveloped. It wasn't instalove but I would have liked to have seen more sharing between the two characters before they developed a deep attachment.

There were points in the book where Grace was aggravating and Simon was ingratiating. At first Simon is depicted as the super alpha sort but too quickly he loses his edge and comes across as far weaker. In general I did like Simon and I didn't hate Grace.

As for the suspense and mystery element, it was ok but like I said at first, there were some logical lapses that are really tough to deal with when reading a suspense/mystery. Because all the facts didn't really fit together, the end of the book seemed a little disjointed from the rest and at worst, it was far fetched.

I know it might seem like I'm writing a bad review but I'm actually not. My general impression after reading this book was that I liked it overall. There were just a lot of little things in the details of the story line that I think could have used some polish. I still say this book is a worthwhile read, especially for all you rich guy romance fans.

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