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Saturday, June 27, 2015

ARC Review: Trusting The Boss by Mallory Crowe

This is my second “role reversal” book in this series. I really didn’t like the last book because I thought the heroine was rude and unlovable. This book is kind of a follow up to the last one and will spoil the mystery in the last book if you haven’t read that one. So, stop reading now if you want to read the last book. The heroine in this book, Emma, is the wealthy “boss” character and Jace is a security expert who assists her in finding out why her sister went batsh!t crazy. Jace is initially reluctant to get involved with Emma but is nice enough to change his mind. For Emma’s own good of course.

I liked this book much better than the last one and I have to admit I was kind of giving myself the sideeye for that. Emma is a much more palatable character, in my mind, than Victoria was in the last book. At first I was concerned that I only felt that way because Emma was more of a socialite than a CEO. After chastising myself for not being able to deal with a female CEO, I realized that wasn’t the issue at all. The thing that I like about Emma is that she’s actually a nice person with good intentions who never put Jace down for not being as rich her. Jace was a dangerous sort of alpha male that I really loved. He came complete with threats to toss Emma over his shoulder, growling and smirking. I can deal with all of that.

I also thought there was more development of the relationship between Emma and Jace than we found in the last book. Because Jace is more Emma’s equal in the story, they are depicted as a team instead of a boss and an employee. Although none of the books in this series are very lengthy, I thought there were a fair amount of pages devoted to establishing the connection between Emma and Jace. One thing I didn’t love is that this book was a continuation of the mystery in the last book. It seemed to me that the story line of crazy Joslyn was all wrapped up. I totally did not understand why Emma was looking into that event further. It was ok that it developed into another sub-mystery but I would have preferred to see a brand new story line.

In general this book, and all of the books in this series, are fast easy reads. They are good ways to kill some time without getting involved in anything too heavy. The sex is always secondary to the storyline and very…meh. But you get the thrill of a suspense against a fast paced background and some decent writing.

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