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Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Broken Lens by Shannon Dermott

Broken Lens is the second book in the Through the Lens series by Shannon Dermott, but this book can be read as a standalone. I would honestly recommend reading these books in order though as this is actually a continuation of Jessa and Ethan's story. The first book ended with a HFN (Happy For Now) ending as the two of them headed to separate colleges, and this book picks up where that book left off. 

Jessa and Ethan are finally together and things between them couldn't be better. Though they are headed to separate colleges, they will not be far apart. Ethan left for college early, due to his schedule with football so the two agree to meet a hotel in order to spend some much needed time together after their time apart. But when Ethan doesn't show, Jessa begins to fear the worst. She knows how women look at Ethan, and her insecurities begin to take over. When Ethan comes to after a drunken night he can't remember, he knows that he has no choice but to tell Jessa what he woke up to. Will Jessa be able to forgive his sober confession, or will Ethan lose the only girl he has ever loved over a night he knows nothing about?

I had liked Ethan and Jessa in the first book, and that didn't change here. There was a lot more at stake here for these two though than in the previous book, and it broke my heart to see what they were going through. I felt so badly for both of them, but I was so happy that Ethan had the guts to tell Jessa the truth. He could have easily lied and she never would have known, but he was able to be a man and tell the truth knowing that he could lose everything. Poor Ethan just kept getting knocked down in this book though, and I felt so bad that the hits just kept coming. He was determined to show Jessa that they belonged together, and it was good to see that he knew just how important she was to him and that their love was worth fighting for. I have to admit that I felt a bit disconnected from Jessa in this book though. The first book was told from her POV and this one was from Ethan's. A lot of this story had these two separated, so I felt like for the majority of the story Jessa was almost a secondary character. This was much more about Ethan and his past as well as his present. 

Besides the fact that I had some issues with how insignificant Jessa seemed in this book, I also found myself having issues with this story as far as drama. In the first book I felt like there was some unnecessary stuff that didn't add much to the story, and I thought that it was even more so with this book. There was a ton going on, and it was a little over the top. Besides the drama with Ethan and Jessa, there was also a ton of family issues, the upcoming trial for the attacker from book one, the continuation of Carly missing, as well as drama with Bradley and Madison. Add to all that the constant parade of girls hitting on Ethan and it just got to be too much for me. I wanted this book to be more about Jessa and Ethan, and they almost seemed to be a minor subplot of this book. So while I liked seeing how things played out for these two, this one was a bit disappointing to me and just fell flat.

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