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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ARC Review: Dragons Will Fall by Susan Scott

Kas is half Human and half Magician. So, to the other races of the realm (Human, Magician, and Dragon) she is considered an abomination. She has found a group of others like her hiding out in the wilderness trying to survive the hunt of their kind. Kas has two gifts, healing and invisibility. She tries to spy on the humans to help her people, but a strange visitor to the palace finds her even though she using her invisibility magic.

The man who finds her, takes her with him as he flees from the castle. It turns out he is a dragon, who Kas thought no longer existed. Cullen is desperate to save his people and hopes that Kas' unique healing powers can save them. He brings her to his kingdom where she is just as despised as everywhere else. The two face the strange illness as well as unrest of Cullen's people together and become close.

I liked Dragon's Will Fall, but I didn't love it. Some parts didn't make sense because they seemed hypocritical. A human/magician is considered an abomination, but a dragon/magician isn't notable? I had a hard time grasping the difference. The story did flow well and was engaging, but I didn't find the story line very unique. It highly reminded me of two other books, Vengeance Born by Kylie Griffin, and Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott. They all are about "half breed" women who are hated by everyone but have special powers that can save everyone.

The romantic plot wasn't bad, but I did feel it needed a little more. I just never felt the butterflies in my stomach from the growing relationship. If you have never read a story with this type of plot line and enjoy magic and fantasy in your books, I think you might really enjoy it. I liked the book, it just was too similar to other books I've read so I never got crazy excited.

**ARC provided by Author**

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