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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ARC Review: Screwed by Kendall Ryan

I am a big fan of Kendall Ryan's, so I was really excited to hear that she was writing a standalone romantic comedy. I couldn't wait to dive into this one and I absolutely love the cover. Unfortunately this one wasn't what I was expecting at all, and it just fell flat for me. While I love Kendall Ryan, this one was not my favorite and I will admit that I was disappointed here. 

Hayden Oliver is a manwhore and he doesn't do commitment. After yet another disaster with a tenant that he hit and quit, his business partner/best friend forces him to keep it in his pants where their residents are concerned. But when Emery moves in, he can't help but feel drawn to her. Knowing that he needs to avoid having sex with her, he vows to be Emery's friend and show her around the city. But before long Hayden realizes that not only does he want to sleep with Emery, but that he actually likes her. 

Part of my problem with this book was that while I didn't dislike Emery or Hayden, I didn't love them either. In fact, I didn't really feel much connection to either of them. I wasn't invested in their story, and I didn't really seem to care much about what happened between them. Emery was smart and dedicated to her job, wanting to be successful as a lawyer. But she was bland and there wasn't much to her that made me want to root for her. Hayden was supposed to be this cocky manwhore, yet despite the opening scene and some sexual innuendos throughout the book, there wasn't much to him either. He didn't even seem to be interested in in anyone else the entire story through after meeting Emery right at the beginning. He never went out, there was never anyone that challenged Emery as far as even being a hookup for him, and it was just kind of hard to believe that he was quite the manwhore he claimed to be. There was something with another tenant in the building Roxy, but even that wasn't really anything except a past that went unexplained for most of the book only to be revealed in the end as something completely expected.

I just felt like this whole book was predictable, and there wasn't anything new or exciting. I kept waiting for a huge plot twist or anything to differentiate this book from so many others that I have read, and nothing ever happened. Everything that you would expect happened here, and that was really disappointing for me. This was supposed to be a romantic comedy, and I didn't find it funny. It felt as though the author was trying too hard when it came to the humor, and I just didn't really think that it ever achieved what the intention was. I have seen people compare this to Tangled by Emma Chase, but to me this wasn't like that at all. So while this wasn't a bad story, it wasn't great either. I was bored and wanted to skim through a lot of it and I just felt like this one was a miss. There was a preview of Monster Prick at the end of this book which features Hayden's little sister and his best friend, and I have to say it sounds very similar to Kendall's Lessons with the Dom series, as well as a book that I absolutely loved from another author. Younger sister wants to lose her virginity so she goes online to hire someone and brother's best friend steps in to stop her, offering himself. I am really hoping that there is something new or unique there because I have to say it would be pretty disappointing for yet another predictable story similar to so many already out there. I love Kendall Ryan, but this one wasn't her best. I know I will read more from her in the future though and I have really loved books from her before. If this one sounds like something you might like, I would still recommend giving it a shot as it could just be me that this one didn't work for.

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