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Sunday, November 8, 2015

ARC Review: Missing Dixie by Caisey Quinn

Missing Dixie is the third book in the Neon Dreams series from Caisey Quinn. These books should be read in order as Missing Dixie picks up after the events of the first two books. The first book in the series, Leaving Amarillo, focuses on Gavin and Dixie while the second book, Loving Dallas, focuses on Dixie's brother Dallas. But Missing Dixie is again about Dixie and Gavin, so readers might feel lost if they haven't read the previous two books. I really loved Dixie and Gavin in the first book, despite all their issues. But I have to say that this book wasn't what I was hoping for, and if i'm honest I was disappointed here. This book was exhausting and I just felt tired by the time it was over. 

Gavin Garrison didn't have the best childhood growing up, but the bright spots were his best friends Dixie and Dallas Lark. They took him in as family and together they started a band and dreamed of a future together performing the music they loved. But Gavin and Dixie always felt more for one another, despite the promise that Gavin had made to Dallas about staying away from each other. When Dixie was at school, Gavin got into some trouble that changed everything. Believing that he wasn't good enough for Dixie, he did everything he could to push her away and ended up breaking her heart. Now Gavin is trying to get his life together and he will do whatever it takes to show her that he is better and is trying to be the man she deserves. But can Dixie forgive him for hurting her, especially when she knows that Gavin still hasn't told her everything that happened?

I loved these two together in Leaving Amarillo, and I couldn't wait to get more of them here. Gavin and Dixie had such a strong connection and such intense chemistry. That didn't change here, but I did expect some things to change when it came to their relationship. I was expecting growth and more improvement when it came to how these two dealt with one another. Their communication here though was still just as bad as it was before, and I honestly got sick of waiting for Gavin to finally talk to Dixie. He kept putting it off and yet he was constantly making a point of how he wanted to be the one to tell her directly. Yet he sure took his sweet time doing it, and it frustrated me to no end. I felt like the chemistry and connection between these two was still there, but this entire book just felt like it was Dixie and Gavin going around in circles. I also really hated the fact that Dixie continued to let Gavin get away with as much as she did, she still had problems putting herself before others. I love how much she cares and what a great person she is, but I honestly think that she needed to be more selfish for once. 

Besides just Gavin and Dixie going round and round, I also had several other issues here. I felt like this story should have focused more on their relationship, but there were so many other things being dealt with that I felt like the focus wasn't on Gavin and Dixie for the most part. We didn't see a lot of them together and when we did it was the same thing over and over. The way that Dixie just let everything go though was unrealistic to me and I kept wanting Gavin and Dixie to really make some progress which I felt like the reader never saw. I didn't care for the way the Ashley situation was handled, and I don't know how Dixie was as okay with it as she was...even going so far as to hire her for additional work for her and not just Gavin. I felt like there were several things here that were a large part of the story or series at the beginning only to be dropped, mainly her friend and ex Jag. Dude seriously just disappeared here! So as much as I wanted to love this book and close the series out well, I just didn't get that with Missing Dixie. I grew tired of the whiplash and constant games that were played here and I am sad to say I was ultimately disappointed though I did like how things were at the end of the book.

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