Wednesday, December 9, 2015

ARC Review: How to Fall by Rebecca Brooks

How to Fall is my first book by Rebecca Brooks, but I was really drawn in with the blurb for this book. Unfortunately, I really struggled to get through this book. I had a lot of issues here, even though there were some things that I did like. Ultimately though, this book just wasn't for me though I did at least finish it. 

Looking to escape for a week, Julia Evans leaves her life behind and heads to Brazil by herself. She is ready to put herself first for a change, leaving behind the others that she is always putting first. So when she meets a sexy stranger, she decides to take a chance and act a little impulsively for once. Blake Williams is also looking to escape his life and troubles and is about ready to head to the next stop in his months long traveling tour. But when he meets Julia, he can't help but be drawn to her and decides to stay longer than expected. But Blake and Julia know that they only have a week together before she returns home, and neither one of them has told each other everything. 

Blake and Julia were really hard to relate to for me. It wasn't that I disliked them, I just didn't really like them either. I wasn't invested in their story or their relationship, and honestly I never did really care about where they ended up. These two did have great chemistry though, and I liked seeing them explore Brazil together. But I just felt like both of them handled things wrong, and their week together was filled with unnecessary drama and snap decisions that would instantly be glossed over. 

This story started off rough for me as well, with Julia arriving in Brazil instantly with no set-up and being thrust into this group of characters right off the bat. I felt like I was playing catch-up to a story already in progress and that I had missed a few things. As rushed as this one was at the beginning, there were spots that were extremely slow throughout and I hated how much it would drag. Honestly I got bored a lot, and with me not being invested in the book I really forced myself to continue at times. Had I not been given a copy and reviewing this one, I probably would have just thrown in the towel. Then the ending was rushed and to me wasn't that satisfying. Yes we do get a resolution, but it really wasn't much of one. Things were tied up too quickly and we really didn't get much in the way of how things would work out. It felt more like a happy for now ending than a HEA. This book was just a miss for me, and I don't know that I would recommend it. If you like travel romance stories, this one might be worth giving a shot. Brazil was beautifully shown through the author's words here, I just wish the story had been as good to go with it.

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