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Saturday, January 23, 2016

ARC Review: Hell on Heels by Victoria Vane

Yeehaw! Victoria Vane has another sexy cowboy thrill ride that I could not put down from start to finish! Unlike her Hot Cowboy Nights Series, however, we get a taste for the wild side, with the backdrop of Las Vegas. This is definitely a change, but if anything, it made the plotline that much more intriguing. After all, what is a cowboy doing in Sin City?

Ty Morgan, the partner of Tom Brandt, is focused on saving Hotel Rodeo, despite its years of being in the red. He has plans that will provide the hotel with a fresh side of retro in old Western that will bring the patrons full force, but needs his partner to back him personally, and financially. As the owner, Tom Brandt knows Ty Morgan can pull this off, even if he has doubts out of fear. He believes in Ty because he is smart, and his drive could pull the heaviest load to the front line, but also because Tom considers Ty as a son.

Unfortunately, an accident leaves Tom unable to fulfill his end of the agreement, forcing Ty to work with, or for, Monica Brandt (Tom’s daughter). The problem is that Monica has brass balls for such a sexy city girl, and she doesn’t trust Ty. Not one bit. She shows up to care for Tom, and to take over the dealings with his business until further notice. Ty though, is in her way, and he isn’t budging. Sparks ignite, and insults fly. Talk is cheap though, once one rises to the challenge, and Ty is not one to back down!

To say that I loved this book would be an understatement! I read it in a day, just whipped on through it! Ty is stubborn, sexy, and kind of dirty (if you know what a mean, ladies). Monica, she is such a strong female lead. Hell, she isn’t even aware that she is as tough as she is, which makes her that much more enjoyable. The circumstances that bring these two together are unfortunate, but love can heal all, and I believe the story will continue to grow on into the next installment.

I really enjoyed Ty and Monica, not only because they are both great characters, but because their chemistry is epic! The two of them battle each other with wit and cheeky comments that made me laugh out loud, and provided so much heat between the lines that I loved reading about their escapades. This is what makes a perfect couple for me; intrigue, lust, love, and a good fight. Even better, the interfering forces from both sides make for more curiosity as to how the story will play out.

Monica had me loving her from the beginning because of her display of self-worth and dignity. Despite feeling abandoned until her experience with Tom as a father later in life (once he became aware she existed), she has respect for herself. Though she has insecurities, she takes control, and I enjoy a heroine who can rely on her own instincts, and believe in herself. She has little faith in men, and is afraid of being alone, resulting in her constant difficulty with Ty, but it’s clear that Ty and her are truly meant to be.

Ty is just as disbelieving of the concept of happily-ever-after, but his misgivings of having faith in a faithful relationship (after his disturbing past with his ex-wife), won’t be able to suppress his feelings toward Monica for long. With that said, these two have a lot to figure out! Ty is trying to find a way to buy out Hotel Rodeo from under Monica, and she is on the verge of selling out from under Ty prior to his chance at securing funding. Holy smokes, talk about some serious head-shaking-don’t-do-that possibilities!

Deceit, confusion, and heartache accompany two souls who have been awaiting the chance to find their mates. Not to mention, two exes who have some shady involvement plotting in the darkness. How will they come together after loss and betrayal? One will have to read the first in the series, followed by the next installments to find out! I, for one, cannot wait! Victoria Vane always grabs me from the beginning of each read, and gives me a thrill I hardly recover from while awaiting the next!

**ARC provided by NetGalley**

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  1. I had a good time with this one, too. Looking forward to more of their story in book two.