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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ARC Review: To the Stars by Molly McAdams

Anyone who has ever read a Molly McAdams book before knows that her books are always emotional and deal with some pretty tough subjects. To the Stars is no different, and I couldn't put this book down! Molly McAdams is a fantastic writer and while her books aren't easy journeys, each one is more than worth the read. Sharing You has held the spot as my favorite of hers since I read it, but I have to say that To the Stars runs a very close second. This book won't be for everyone, and yet it is definitely one I would recommend. To the Stars is the second book in the Thatch series, but it is a standalone story with interconnected characters.

When Knox Alexander and Harlow Evans first met, their connection was quick and undeniable. However with her being fifteen and him being eighteen, they knew that they couldn't be together until she turned eighteen and was legal. Knox vowed to wait for her, while also continuing to live his life. As the years passed, Knox and Harlow remained in contact and their feelings for one another never changed. Knox continued to wait for Harlow, knowing that she was it for him. But as Harlow turned eighteen, things changed and she no longer waited for Knox. After she told him that her heart belonged to someone else, they no longer spoke to one another. Now four years later, Harlow knows that not waiting for Knox was the biggest mistake of her life and though she wishes things had been different, she is living with the consequences of her choice. But when Knox suddenly reappears in her life and isn't willing to let her go, can she possibly get the life she should have had all along with Knox? 

I absolutely loved Knox! Not only was he sweet and caring, but he was so romantic and loyal. Despite everything that they had been through, Knox had never stopped caring for Harlow and he was willing to do anything for her. Though he had tried to move on, it was so clear that he was never able to. I couldn't have loved him more, and as the book continued my heart broke for everything these two had been through and the time they had lost, yet I was filled with hope seeing the love and connection that nothing could change for these two. Harlow was frustrating at times, and yet I completely understood her. She was young and things appeared to be one way, and she made her decisions based on those things and her age. Though it was heartbreaking and awful, I did see it and couldn't completely blame her. She was stuck living with those consequences and she did so out of her love for those around her. She was so strong and protective, willing to take whatever came her way as long as they were okay. I felt so bad for the awful situation that Knox and Harlow were in and yet I was so glad that they had found their way back to one another. Their chemistry and connection was so unique and was so genuine, even with how fast things happened and the age at which they met and fell for one another. 

Overall, I really did love this story and I enjoyed reading it even with the parts that were tough to get through. This book does deal with some very serious issues such as abuse and violence, and those with triggers might want to take that into consideration before reading this one. But this book was also filled with love and hope, and the kind of relationship that is rare and truly special. I will admit that for most of this book I really hated Knox's friends and I didn't understand why he let them treat Harlow the way they did. But as they started to change toward the end, it was clear that they were just looking out for their friend, and they believed they were doing what they had to. I didn't support their methods at all, but I was glad to see the progress they made and how they really embraced Harlow after they fully understood the situation and what Knox and Harlow shared. While this has a lot of things that some readers might shy away from (abuse, love triangle) I do think it is worth the read, and I really loved the story. Knox was impossible not to fall in love with, and I think that NA readers and especially those that are fans of Molly McAdams will really enjoy this book.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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