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Monday, January 18, 2016

ARC Review: Play Harder by J.T. Fox

Play Harder is the second installment in the Hot For Him Series from J.T. Fox. These are not standalones, and they need to be read in order as Jordan and Eric's story continues from one installment to the next. These are short novellas that end with cliffhangers, and there will be three installments in this series. 

Play Harder picks up where Play Hard left off with Jordan and Eric struggling with the attraction and chemistry between them. While they want each other, there are many reasons they shouldn't be together the least of which is being found out by the media. Not only would their careers suffer, but with the scandal going on with their teams they really can't afford to be found out. But they are unable to fight what is between them, and their connection is hotter than ever. But with someone blackmailing them with photos threatening to out them, the two must work together to get to the bottom of who is behind it. Can they figure out what is between them and also keep it a secret? 

These two were hotter than ever here, and the chemistry between them is off the charts. These two guys are seriously sexy, and it was clear right from the start that the attraction was never their issue. I did enjoy seeing them together here, but I also liked that they got to know one another a little better as well. There were a few times that Jordan did things I didn't care for, but Eric has done the same and both of these guys are trying to figure out their place so it was understandable. Jordan is used to putting his family first and will do whatever it takes to provide for them. He isn't willing to risk that, which is admirable. Eric is used to having everything he wants without having to put it all on the line. After being hurt, he is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure that never happens again. Yet neither of these guys can deny what is happening between them, though it scares them both.

I have to admit that at the end of this installment I was really disappointed in Jordan though. I hated what he did and while I understood it to some extent, it was really frustrating. Every time these guys appear to finally be making some progress there is a huge setback and it doesn't seem like they can catch a break. After the ending here, I definitely need the next one and I am anxious to find out what happens next for them. I really do love Jordan and Eric together, and the chemistry and connection between them is so strong. I do wish that these installments were longer though, since it is always just getting to the good part when it is over. Play Hardest can't release soon enough, as I need to see how it all ends for these two.

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