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Monday, January 4, 2016

ARC Review: Play Hard by J.T. Fox

I don't even really know where to start this review as I feel like Play hard by J.T. Fox is like nothing I was expecting. Play Hard is the first installment in a trilogy, and each continues the story of Jordan and Eric so the reader should expect cliffhangers. What I didn't expect is that this first installment is only around 66 pages long and not a lot happened. When I read the blurb, it came with a warning. That warning promised hard-f*cking and I am sad to say that there was none of that here. 

Jordan Barr is a star quarterback and Eric "The Brick" Higgins is a star halfback. They play for different teams and have since they were kids. That never stopped them from noticing each other though. When they run into each other at a TV studio to promote their charity efforts, the sparks fly. But Jordan can't come out as his family needs him, and he isn't willing to risk it for a chance with Eric. Eric wants Jordan and has since he saw him in the shower years ago, despite Jordan's efforts to stay away Eric is determined to show find out where things between them could go. 

My biggest complaint here was the fact that there was no sex. That wouldn't be a huge deal if the blurb/warning hadn't promised it. There was one sexual encounter here, and it wasn't much. I wanted more. Jordan and Eric were likable enough characters, with what little we got to see of them here. They are very different, coming from completely opposite backgrounds. Yet they are both committed to being successful players and giving back as much as possible. I loved that about them. I will say that they were a bit all over the place though. I understood Jordan's reluctance to be with Eric, but Eric wanted it and then would run when he was finally getting somewhere with Jordan. It was a bit frustrating, and unfortunately there weren't enough pages here to really get into the story because of it. 

I will check out the next installment because I am curious to see where things go, but I really feel like this story should have been released as a novel rather than a trilogy. This installment was short and had a few things that I think could keep readers from continuing on with the series, though there is promise here. I want to see where things go though, and I am hoping that we get more of Eric and Jordan in the next installment since I feel a bit let down after reading Play Hard.

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