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Friday, January 8, 2016

ARC Review: Resisting the Moon by L.P. Dover

Resisting the Moon is the second book in L.P. Dover's Royal Shifters series and I could not wait to get my hands on it! I am absolutely loving this series from her! Though she is one of my favorite authors that is saying something as I do not read much paranormal at this point. But this series is so good, and I really love the characters. If you like paranormal romance, this series is one you should be reading! If you are like me though and don't usually read much paranormal, I still recommend giving these books a try as they are such good stories and have a very similar feel to her Gloves Off series.

For Tyla Rand, love is pain. Death seems to follow her and those that she has loved. She knows that her true mate is Sebastian Lyall but even if he wasn't constantly surrounded by women, she couldn't handle mating with someone just to lose them. But when her cousin goes missing and members from her old pack show up, Tyla has no choice but to accept Sebastian's help. Sebastian knows that an unmated male will slowly go crazy if they don't find an outlet, and he is determined to show Tyla that they belong together before it gets to that point. Though they may be in danger, their journey to find her cousin and help her old pack allow Tyla and Sebastian to realize that they have more than just attraction between them. But can Tyla and Sebastian escape death and find happiness together?

I really liked these two. Having seen them in the previous book and Tyla in Dover's Roped In, I felt like I had a great introduction to her character. She is such a strong female and I have liked her all along. Not only is Tyla strong, but she is loyal and fiercely protective of those she cares about, something that she shares with Sebastian. Sebastian is one of those characters that I liked right away, and I really liked that despite appearances he wasn't out sleeping with every female he came into contact with. He was so determined to show Tyla just what they could have together, and I really believed he was genuine and cared about her. These two were good for one another and I thought that they made a great team. The chemistry between them was smoking hot and I couldn't get enough of them! 

Overall, another great addition to this series and I am really enjoying each book about these sexy shifters! I can't wait for the next one, and I really love each of the characters here. I hope that L.P. Dover gives each of them their own book, and I would be completely happy if this series never ended! I love where she left things off here and I think that there is so much more to be explored here and I for one will definitely be keeping an eye out for news on when we can expect next from her. If you haven't read Dover's books yet, she is one of my favorite authors and I think her books are well written and worth the read. If you are already a fan, this book is a must read!

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