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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ARC Review: Power Play by Sophia Henry

Power Play is the second Pilots Hockey novel from Sophia Henry, but each book in the series is a standalone. Power Play features Landon Taylor and Grabiella Bertucci. Gaby and Landon have known one another for years, with his family being customer's of her family's produce markets. But when Gaby's dad has a heart attack while Landon is in the story, he rushes to help her and they really start to get to know one another. Landon, a minor-league hockey player has admired Gaby for years, but he never told her how he felt until after her family's crisis. The only problem now that he has told her about his feelings is that she doesn't believe him. Gaby's past has kept her from taking a chance with anyone before, but can she get past everything that has happened and take a risk with Landon?

While Gaby and Landon weren't hard to like, there wasn't a lot of depth to either of them. Their characters felt very one-dimensional and I couldn't relate to them. I didn't ever see their connection or find their relationship to be entirely believable. They didn't really seem to get to know one another, though they already had a lot of the facts about each other through watching each other over the years. They made jokes about it being creepy or obsessive, but that was how it came off. There also wasn't a lot of heat or chemistry between these two, and most of the sex scenes were implied or lacked much detail. The story felt more like a YA novel than a NA novel. 

My other problem with this story was Gaby's family. I didn't like them from the start, and it wasn't just one of them but the entire family. They treated her horribly most of them time, and then were protective or sweet at others like that somehow made up for the rest of the time. I didn't believe their sudden transformation at the end of the book. Overall, this story was just a bit dry and fell flat for me. I think there was promise here, I just wanted to see more depth and believe in the connection between Gaby and Landon and unfortunately I wasn't able to.

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