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Thursday, April 21, 2016

ARC Review: Mr. and Mrs. by Alexa Riley

This is my first Alexa Riley book. It's more romance than the erotic stuff that I really like but it's honestly fun and super easy to read. This is a new AR series that focuses on the romance themes that I love and based on this book, I will definitely be back for more.

Mr and Mrs is the first installment in the new series. This is the Phillip and Molly Tanner story. I'm not normally a fan of already married couple books but this one had an interesting twist with the whole amnesia thing so I gave it a try. Phillip and Molly love each other but based on some questionable feeling hiding start to feel distance after one year. Things get interesting when Molly has an accident that leaves her with amnesia and Phillip starts woeing (I like that that a word??) his wife back.

I like this book for some very basic reasons that you probably see in a lot of my reviews: insta-love, steamy sex and a bossy alpha male. My less than 4 or 5 star rating is because I had a difficult time getting into the actual relationship between the characters. I felt more like a story was being told to me than like I was experiencing a story. That might be because this book is super short, I'm not sure. I just know I wanted to be more invested in the main characters.

This wasn't a long book so this is not a long review. All in all, I think this quick hot read is worth a try.

**ARC provided by Ardent PRose**

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