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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

ARC Review: River of Love by Melissa Foster

River of Love is the newest Bradens book by Melissa Foster. As with the rest of the books in the Love in Bloom series, it is a standalone story with interconnected characters. Though it isn't necessary to read these in order, I would definitely recommend it if possible. Seeing these characters from one story to the next allows full enjoyment, and it is so much fun to see familiar faces and watch as each one of the characters gets their HEA. 

Sam Braden is known for working hard and playing harder. As the owner of a river rafting adventure company, he is used to living life to the fullest and not slowing down for anything or anyone. But as his family members start settling down one after the other, he begins to realize that he wants what they have and that it might be time to find a woman of his own. Problem is, Sam wants his brother's employee Faith Hayes who turns him down every time he asks her out. Faith knows exactly the type of man Sam Braden is and refuses to go down that path again after getting her heart broken. But can Sam show her that he is ready to be with one woman, as long as that woman is Faith? 

I really loved Sam! He was amazing and he worked so hard to show Faith that he was interested in her for more than just sex. Him winning her over to get a first date was so adorable, and I really loved how much thought he put into it. He was such a good guy and went above and beyond for Faith. He was also super sexy, which never hurts! Faith on the other hand was hard for me to warm up to. On the one side, I really loved that she wasn't totally bitter and that she focused on taking her painful experience and putting a positive spin on it. She started something that helped so many other women, and I was so glad that she was able to be there for others that were going through similar situations. However, she also was extremely judgmental at first and couldn't seem to grasp the fact that cheating and sleeping around/being casual were two entirely different things! It came off as really immature and she annoyed me for much of the first half of this book assuming that people (especially Sam) couldn't change. Luckily, this didn't last the entire book and Faith did get better as the story continued. Sam was the highlight of this book though, and I absolutely adored him! 

Overall, this was another great story from Melissa Foster. She never disappoints and always brings such emotion to her stories. If you are a fan of contemporary romance, you need to be reading Melissa Foster. If you follow my reviews at all, I know I probably sound like a broken record by now but I honestly enjoy each book I read from her! With love, family and friendship being the focus of all her books, there is something that everyone can relate to and I thoroughly enjoy each of her stories from start to finish. Sam Braden is definitely one of my favorite of Foster's heroes to date, and he is worth the read alone!

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  1. And I probably sound like a broken record thanking you for your amazing reviews, but here I go again....THANK YOU! You totally rock XOXO