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Monday, May 16, 2016

ARC Review: Charged by Jay Crownover

Charged is the second novel in the Saints of Denver series by Jay Crownover. I will admit that after reading Built, my favorite book of Jay's ever, that I was both anxious and a bit nervous for Charged. While I loved the set up for Quaid and Avett in Built, Avett was not my favorite character and I have to say that Quaid wasn't either. But right from the start of Charged, these two both won me over and I really ended up enjoying their story!

When Avett Walker finds herself in her biggest mess yet, she is determined to suffer the consequences. She has let her family down too many times to count and she refuses to involve them again. But when the sexy Quaid Jackson shows up and says that he has been hired as her lawyer, she has no option but to let him help her out. Though these two are total opposites, Quaid finds himself drawn to her in a way he has never been to a client or woman before. Soon they both realize that though their lives might appear as different as can be, they have more in common than you might expect.

I was surprised just how much I ended up loving these two. Avett has come off as a selfish brat that never thinks anything through before, and I really loved her attitude here. She was determined to stand on her own two feet, and I really liked that she was willing to accept what she had done and not try to pass blame off on others. In fact she even went too far and blamed herself at times for things that absolutely weren't her fault, but it was really nice to see that she wasn't what you might first think based on what we have seen of her past. Quaid came off in Built as a bit arrogant, thinking that he could get anything he wanted and almost seeming like he was a bit entitled. But very early on here we learn some of his past and what he has been through, and he was so different than I was expecting. I really felt for both of these characters, and I thought that they were perfect for one another. They were great together, had smoking hot chemistry, and they understood each other in a way that was surprising yet completely genuine.

I will say that after reading Built, I had expected this to be a bit more of an enemies to lovers story. The sparks were flying in that book, and the vibes they were giving off said they definitely weren't each other's biggest fans though the attraction was there. But while there was a bit of that here, this one was definitely sweeter than I had been expecting. I really enjoyed it and thought that the story was good, it was just different than I had thought going in. Overall though, this book was really great and I loved getting to see some familiar faces. I am super excite for the next book in the series, Riveted, which will feature Dixie and Church. If you are a fan of Jay Crownover's this book is not to be missed! If you are new to her books, this is a great place to start and I highly recommend checking out her Marked Men series where it all started for these characters in the Saints of Denver series.

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