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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ARC Review: Stay With Me by Kelly Elliott

Stay With Me by Kelly Elliott was a lot of fun to read and I really enjoyed it. This book is a standalone story which I found really refreshing. I do think that Kelly could turn this one into a series very easily though, and I have to admit I would love to see Thanos's brothers get their own stories and even his best friend Gus. 

Thanos and Kilyn both have had pain and heartbreak unlike anyone should ever have to go through. They are both still struggling to deal with their pasts when they meet, but the connection between them is one unlike anything they have felt before. Fate keeps bringing them together, and soon they find themselves wanting to explore what is between them, yet torn with moving on from the past. 

I really liked these two. Each of them had been through so much and I was so glad that they had met. Thanos was sexy and sweet and he was really great with Kilyn. He understood her and was patient with her when she needed that, and I really admired that about him. I also liked that even when he messed up, he wasn't afraid to admit it or try to make it right. Kilyn was a great heroine as well. Sweet and kind, she had gone through so much and yet it hadn't stopped her from living her life. She was passionate about so many things, and it was really great to see someone who had gone through what she did and yet still really live her life. These two had really strong chemistry, but it was the emotional connection between them that was really special here. They were super cute together, and I loved that Thanos spoke to her in Greek and had a pet name for her. 

Overall, this book was adorable if a bit cheesy at times. Honestly though I really liked it and sometimes I just want a super sweet romance story, and Stay With Me was definitely it! I liked Thanos and Kilyn as well as their friends and family. Though his family was overbearing at times, it was clear just how much they loved one another and it was so great to see how they accepted Kilyn right away just because Thanos loved her. If you liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you will love this book! It had a very similar feel and was a ton of fun to read. It was sweet and heartwarming and full of love and hope. Kelly Elliott is a great writer and I recommend any of her books. I already can't wait for the next one from her!

**ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR**

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