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Friday, May 20, 2016

ARC Review: The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

I have been waiting for The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez since I read The Fall Up! I loved Levee's friend Henry and I was really hoping that we would get his story. This book was really good and it was so great to get to know him better! I really loved him and Evan together, and it was so nice to see more of Levee and Sam here as well. Though this book is the second in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone story. I recommend reading in order if possible though for full enjoyment. 

Henry spent years working to escape his childhood, and now a successful musician he finally has it all except for love. Though openly gay, he prefers his men to be straight and into experimenting for one night. The one thing he never expected though was pilot Evan Roth. Though immediately attracted to him, Henry has trouble figuring out Evan and sets out to pursue him. But Henry had no idea what he was getting himself into with Evan and soon the two find themselves feeling something they have never felt before. Evan has his own past and has vowed to stay away from men, but the more Henry wins him over the more he wants to take a chance on a future together. Can these two broken men find a way to heal each other and move forward, or will their relationship be one destined to crash and burn? 

I really liked Evan and Henry. I thought that these two were great together right from the start, and I loved seeing them get to know one another. Each one had been hurt and had fears and insecurities that kept them from ever fully letting anyone else in. Evan was kind and caring, and I loved that he could handle Henry's panic attacks and fear of flying by talking him through it. He was so good with him, and I really adored seeing him be there for him before they ever had a relationship. Henry was fun and at times a bit over the top personality wise, but I enjoyed seeing him be a bit more serious. He was afraid to go all in with Evan and to really show Evan how he was feeling so he took things a bit slowly. You could really see just how strong of feelings each of them were developing though and it was clear that their connection was special. They had a ton of chemistry, but the emotion between these two was what had me swooning here. 

I did feel like there were a few things that Henry did that kept me from giving this one five stars. As much as I loved these two together, I didn't like how he handled a few situations. He was so worried about Evan and what he would do, but then he turned around and did almost the same exact thing to Evan that he was worried Evan would do. It was frustrating and I felt so badly for Evan. But overall this was a really great story and I loved these two so much that I knew they had to find a way to work through everything together. I really hope that we get a Carter book as well after seeing him with Robin here. I think that there is a lot of story to be told there and I would love to explore that relationship more. I think if you liked The Fall Up and enjoy M/M stories, this is definitely one to check out. Aly Martinez is a great writer and I know I will read more from her in the future.

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