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Friday, August 12, 2016

ARC Review: Something So Right by Natasha Madison

Something So Right is the debut novel for Natasha Madison, and that is always a bit of risk for a reader. While this book and the premise did have promise, ultimately it just didn't fully work for me. I think that Natasha Madison does have talent, but this book didn't feel polished and much of the time felt forced. 

Parker caught her husband and high school sweetheart cheating on her, and her entire life changed. After that, Parker lost her faith in men and love. Focused on her kids and career, she was determined to live her life for them. But then NHL star Cooper came crashing into her world changing everything once again. While Parker's life is her kids, Cooper's life is hockey. But their connection is unlike anything they have felt before, and soon they begin to realize that while their worlds are completely different, together everything feels right. 

I did like the characters here. Parker and Cooper were great, they had a ton of chemistry and I liked seeing how things started between them and then progressed with the story. While I was rooting for them, I did feel like much of this story felt forced. It just didn't feel natural, even with the chemistry they had. Parker's kids were cute, and I enjoyed them. But overall, this just felt predictable and as though the drama was all created for the sole purpose of driving a story that didn't feel quite right. I also hated the OW drama here. It also felt forced, and just seemed to keep coming up. 

The story also had several points that just didn't seem to fully connect for me. It would feel like a stopping point would happen and then the story would just go on. It was disjointed and threw me off. The story felt like there were several smaller arcs happening rather than one large story arc overall. I also felt like the author's writing style felt a bit off to me. It was more like she was talking to someone and telling the story rather than showing us the story as it unfolded. There were several grammatical errors and problems with the context. I did have an ARC, so some of this could have been fixed before the final version, but this copy was filled with things that were more than just minor mistakes and this seemed to be a rough draft more than a polished final copy. I really think that Natasha Madison could benefit from a good set of beta readers that can help make some of these changes, because there was potential here. I just think that there were too many things that were problematic here for me to love this one despite the many glowing reviews I have seen for this book. If this sounds like one you would enjoy, I encourage you to give it a chance. There are a lot of people who seemed to really love this book and they didn't have the problems I did here. This could just be a case of it being me personally.

**ARC Provided by Gossip Girls PR**

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