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Saturday, August 13, 2016

ARC Review: Turbulent Intentions by Melody Anne

I think this book might be for some readers but I didn't particularly enjoy it. I've read several Melody Anne titles from a few years back and I liked those but I've been striking out with some of the recent releases.

Right from the beginning, the set up of this book kind of confused me. I thought the book was going to go in one direction but then it goes in a completely different direction. When the book starts Cooper and his brothers are a bunch of spoiled rich boys who are about to lose their father. When their Dad passes away, he leaves a provision in his will that for the boys to inherit a massive fortune, they have to settle down and get married. The thing is, they all are already semi wealthy because of their trust funds so they don't need the inheritance to be rich. So instead of this book being about Cooper making a deal to settle down with a girl and then falling in love right as she finds out she was just inheritance bait, the book winds up being something else. That just threw me off and not because I want to be able to predict the direction of a book. It threw me because it didn't fit into the story later on. I came to the conclusion that Melody Anne was just introducing us to all of the characters and backdrop of this series.

Stormy meets Cooper after his Father dies and has a one night stand with him. I was ok with the one night stand, I got it. Although, I do think women need to be more careful about who they wonder off with. A couple of years down the road, Stormy's life is all sorts of a mess.  She is about to be evicted, she is working at crap jobs and things just aren't going well. I struggled to understand this too. Stormy was young, she wasn't taking care of any relatives, she didn't have any debts she was trying to pay off, WHY was she so financially strapped? I think the author was trying to set up a Cinderella story but I was just at a loss as to why this girl was in the position that she was in.

And then there is Cooper. Cooper is just an asshole. I tried to see him as something more but it was almost impossible. Cooper is arrogant and a playboy. Ok, fine, I can live with that. What got me is that Cooper did not remember who Stormy was when he ran into her after their one night stand. REALLY? REALLY? You can't remember somebody you banged all night long. I'm sure this happens to people in real life but I don't care. I didn't like it with my romance.

When Stormy and Cooper get together, Stormy lets Cooper off the hook way too easily. I totally understand not being able to control your libido. So yes, maybe you have to hate screw a guy every now and then. I just didn't like the fact that Stormy fell for Cooper so easily when he had been such a jerk.

Let's take a moment to discuss Uncle Sherman. I liked the meddling Uncle. I just didn't really get to what end he was meddling. Or I didn't get it for long enough that I was kind of annoyed.

All in all I feel like this book might be good for readers who are newer to the rich boy/ Cinderella girl romance trope. I think I've just read to many of these to be thrilled about this one which wasn't one of the better books I've read. The book isn't a bad read, it really isn't. I just didn't love it.

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