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Friday, December 30, 2016

ARC Review: How Not to Let Go by Emily Foster

First let me just start off by saying that when I got this book for review, I had no idea that there was one before it. It was never stated that these characters already had a book out and I was led to believe that this was a complete standalone. I would not recommend reading this book if you haven't already read How Not to Fall. While you can understand this one easily enough, I had a very tough time connecting with the characters and I think I might have liked this one better had I read them in order. Unfortunately after reading what I did of How Not to Let Go, I doubt I will be reading the first. 

This story centers around Charles and Annie. Charles had been a doctor in her lab when she was an undergrad and the attraction led to a fling between them once she had graduated. But though things were intense, they were brief as Charles was broken and couldn't be with Annie. Annie knew she couldn't be around Charles and not have feelings for him, so she left. When they end up reuniting, things once again spark between them and they rekindle their friendship. But with the past Charles has, Annie and Charles must figure out if they can find a way to be together or if they should let go once and for all.

I will admit that I struggled a lot with the characters here and that was a lot of why I eventually threw in the towel. Charles was broken and damaged, coming from a very dysfunctional family. Annie was pretty bland as a character. There wasn't really anything to her, and she just felt so one dimensional. She spent so much time being heartbroken and boring, that I just couldn't bring myself to care about her. She also irritated me with her actions and thoughts a lot of the time, and I just never could connect with her and Charles. Some of the things that happened were just too over the top and ridiculous to me, and that really killed what little interest I might have still had in these two.

Overall, I only ended up reading about 35-40% if this book before I resorted to skimming. I wanted to see if I should stick with it, and unfortunately it looked like I didn't miss much. This isn't what I would really call romance, as much of this story was angsty and filled with more of a self-help/therapy sort of vibe. It was all about overcoming the past emotional damage and learning how to love rather than actually forming a relationship and connection. I just couldn't get into it and maybe that is due to me not already having a connection with these two.

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