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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: Winning the Billionaire by JM Stewart

Winning the Billionaire is the second book in the Seattle Bachelors series from JM Stewart. Each book is a standalone story, but they are interconnected. You don't need to read them in order to understand anything though. I have to say I was really excited for this one as it is one of my favorite tropes, as Christina and Sebastian have known each other since they were kids and she is his best friend's sister. This was a really good story, and I am really looking forward to more in this series. 

Christina has loved Sebastian since they were kids, but she has never wanted to be just a notch in his bedpost. Sebastian is known for being a bachelor that doesn't do commitment. But after a night together, Sebastian is finally ready for more, as long as it is with Christina. But can he convince her that what they have is real and not just another fling for him? 

I have to say that I really loved the characters here. Christina is smart and so real and genuine. She was one of those characters that I felt like I could relate to, as she might have lived a privileged life but yet she was so down to earth. I wasn't so sure about Sebastian at the start, but I found myself warming up to him almost instantly. He might have lived his life never letting anyone in and keeping things casual, but you could easily see that he was trying to protect himself. These two were great together, and I loved seeing them connect emotionally as well as physically. They really had it all going for them, and it was obvious that they belonged together. 

They did each have their moments though, and it was frustrating at times to see them circling around one another. Even with the misunderstandings and angst though, I really did enjoy their story. The characters were likable and the story was interesting, keeping me turning pages from start to finish. I think that a lot of readers will really enjoy Tina and Baz's story, and I am looking forward to more from JM Stewart.

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