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Sunday, February 26, 2017

ARC Review: Going Down Hard by Carly Phillips

Going Down Hard is the third standalone story in the Billionaire Bad Boys series by Carly Phillips. You do not need to have read the previous books in the series to enjoy Going Down Hard. I have always enjoyed everything that I have read from Carly Phillips and Going Down Hard was no exception. She is definitely one of those authors that is an auto-buy for me, because I know that the book will be something that I like. 

Going Down Hard is Derek West and Cassie Storm's story. Derek West overcame his poor background to be a powerful player in he tech world. Sexy and confidant, Derek can have any woman he wants. But Derek wants Cassie, the rich girl that has always been out of his reach. But with Cassie desperate to save her family's company, he knows that he can use that to get to her. He plans to use her to to screw her out of his head as well as gain control of her family's company, but once he starts to get close to Cassie he quickly realizes that a taste won't be enough. Cassie's family remembers exactly who he is though, and the last thing that they want is for Cassie to be with Derek. Can Cassie and Derek overcome their pasts and circumstances to find a way to be together, or will there be too many obstacles standing in their way?

I really loved Cassie. She was sweet and caring, and completely genuine. I found her easy to relate to even though we are a lot different, but she was just one of those heroines that you can't help but love. Derek on the other hand was the reason this book wasn't a five star read for me. He had a huge chip on his shoulder and he drove me nuts at times. While I understood some of where he was coming from, I had a hard time with the fact that he was so determined to use Cassie to destroy everything that she loved. He blamed her for things that really didn't have anything to do with her because they were her family's doing and honestly by the time that he eventually got over everything, I was over him. 

Overall, this was a good book and I did think that Cassie and Derek had strong chemistry and a connection. But I just wish that Derek had been easier to like for me. He turned things around and I did like the ending, but Cassie was the reason that I kept reading this book when I might have stopped otherwise. Carly Phillips is a great writer and if you are looking for something sweet and sexy, you definitely can't go wrong with her books. While this wasn't my favorite of hers that I have read, I still really enjoyed it and it is worth the read.

**ARC Provided by Social Butterfly PR**

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