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Thursday, March 2, 2017

ARC Review: Cross Checked by Kristen Hope Mazzola

Cross Checked is the second book in the Shots on Goal series and is the second book I have read from Kristen Hope Mazzola. I enjoyed the first in the series and I was really looking forward to Cross Checked. This is a standalone story, though I will admit that I had some troubles with it and I did read the first book. While I think that there are some readers that will enjoy this one and be fine reading it as a standalone, I would recommend reading it in order if possible. 

After a car accident changed the life of Brayden's family, Karla helped take care of his sister. Years later, they meet back up and the chemistry between them is one that they can't deny. They start dating and things are going well, but Brayden is always waiting for something to wreck his life and finds it hard to live his life without worrying. Can he let go and see where things with Karla take him or will he continue to live his life waiting for the other shoe to drop?

I have to admit that I had a tough time relating to these characters. I didn't feel connected to them, and I wasn't invested in their story. As much as I wanted to love them, I just was never able to. It always felt like things were missing from the story and things felt rushed. There was a lot that seemed to happen off page and between the scenes, and even though I had read the first book and somewhat knew things it really felt confusing at times. I did think that Karla and Brayden had chemistry, I just wasn't able to really get behind their story. 

I also found a lot of things to be unbelievable, and that added together just kept me from really into Cross Checked like I was able to with Hat Trick. I think that there are readers that will enjoy this story, but for me it was just okay and I was left wanting more. This wasn't what I was expecting and after really enjoying the first book I was a bit disappointed here. I would read more from Kristen Hope Mazzola in the future, but this one wasn't as good as the first I read from her.

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