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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

ARC Review: Whisper of Love by Melissa Foster

I honestly don't know how she does it, but Melissa Foster just seems to get better with each book she writes. I have loved her books since the first one of hers that I read, and I genuinely look forward to each new book she releases. She is at the top of my auto-buy list, and is the queen of contemporary romance. It amazes me how unique and different each story she writes is, yet I always feel so at home with her books. Whisper of Love was no exception, and I felt like I had walked right into this beautiful world that Melissa Foster has created. I loved the characters and the story so much, and this might just be my favorite book of Melissa's to date. 

After watching most of her family find love and settle down, Tempest Braden is ready for her own HEA. She rents a room from sexy single father Nash Morgan, an artist living on the edge of town. Though she is determined to focus on building her business, Tempest soon finds Nash and Phillip becoming more important to her than she would have expected. But Nash is closed off after everything that has happened in his life and though he wants to let Tempest in, he finds himself wondering if he can risk falling for someone that could wreck his world. 

I absolutely loved these characters. Nash is a sexy single dad with a lot more going on beneath the surface than you first see. He had been through a lot, and I found that I really understood him and why he was the way he was. Even though he was closed off at times, he was so sweet and charming that I couldn't help but swoon right alone with Tempest. Tempest was the kind of heroine that I love to read about! She was beautiful on the inside as well as out, kind and caring. She was absolutely perfect for both Nash and Phillip, her love for children allowing her to be exactly what both of them needed. I just couldn't get enough of these characters and the strong connection that was forming between them. 

Overall, I loved this book and can't recommend it enough. Melissa Foster always writes such beautiful and heartfelt stories, filled with emotion and love. I really love her books, and I truly believe that you can't go wrong with anything that has her name on it. That being said, this is seriously one of my favorites of hers that I have ever read and would be at the top of my list of recommendations for readers looking for a great contemporary romance. Whisper of Love drew me right in and I never wanted this story to end.

**ARC Provided by Tasty Book Tours**

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  1. OMG, I just love my fans so much! You are awesome! That was a memorable review from a memorable woman. Thank you!! XOXO