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Monday, May 22, 2017

ARC Review: Red Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

I truly love this series. Red Wolf is book 10 of the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. In White Tiger (book 8) we met Dimitri and Jaycee. In that book Jaycee was a bit annoying but she grew up in the time between the books. Dimitri made his intent to want to mate Jaycee clear in White Tiger, but it is Jaycee’s choice whether to accept or not. In Red Wolf Jaycee and Dimitri are working with the Austin Shifters to find out more about the disappearing shifters and the Fae that are using them, turning them feral and turning them against their own kind. They use Jaycee’s wild side and rule breaking attitude as the perfect cover to get the wrong kind of attention, which it does and it leads them to New Orleans and a cult-like pack worshiping the Goddess where mating rituals mean nothing to them. Jaycee and Dimitri are faced with compromising their own potential mating in order to further their investigation. 

Jaycee is slowly coming to turns with Dimitri wanting to be her mate, she likes him…she loves him once she admits it to herself but she is scared that he is just doing it to control her to keep her from going on the dangerous missions they, as trackers, often go on. It takes a serious heart to heart and the notion that she might lose him before she admits the truth to herself. But once she does have him something happens that just might ruin their HEA. Dimitri has known from the moment he met Jaycee that he would mate her he just had to wait for her to realize she felt the same. 

Jennifer Ashley turns out another page turner. Jaycee and Dimitri are a fun and great couple that have you rooting for them from the beginning. Jaycee’s quick to action and Dimitri’s slow and calculated methods balance each other out. The comradery, trust, and love between can be perceived between them since White Tiger even through Jaycee’s jealousy of Addy you could tell her and Dimitri were meant to be; she just had to come to terms with what having Dimitri as a mate would be like.

Overall, Jaycee and Dimitri are a great couple. The story I don’t want to give away too much but it is so exciting going from Austin to New Orleans to the Fae’s land on the other side of the veil. Along with intense action and great sex it’s a great story and continues on with the series arc of the Fae vs Shifters. Oh! And the haunted house is back (Jasmine’s house from Wild Things) it has to be one of my favorite characters.   

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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