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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: Expectation by Holly Mortimer

Expectation by Holly Mortimer is another new to me author and book that I discovered through Quirky Blind Date with a Book. While there were a few things that I had some issues with, I am definitely interested in reading more from Holly Mortimer, especially in this series. Expectation is the second book in the Murphy's Law series and it can be read as a standalone story. 

After moving to Ireland and letting loose one night while out with a friend, Gray's life is forever changed. Suddenly finding herself pregnant and in need of a doctor, Gray finds herself face to face with the man she had a one night stand with. Aiden has never been interested in more, but when Gray shows up pregnant with his child, he starts to see a new future he never planned on.

While I liked both Aiden and Gray, I had a tough time relating to them. They frustrated me at times, and they acted rashly. Gray jumped to conclusions and her actions were hard to get behind. Aiden came off as a jerk at times, saying and doing things that made it hard to support him. When these two were good together though, I really felt like they had something between them. Unfortunately though there were other times that it made it hard to fully believe their relationship. Things seemed to change between them with a flip of a switch, going from just lust and attraction to them suddenly loving each other. It was a bit too unrealistic for me to find believable. 

I did think that these two had chemistry, and there was a lot of promise here. I liked the side characters and would be interested in reading their stories as well. I think that Holly Mortimer is definitely an author worth keeping an eye on. Her writing style and this story had a ton of potential, and I can see her being one that I really like with a little bit of work.

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