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Saturday, June 10, 2017

ARC Review: Dating You Hating You by Christina Lauren

I have become a huge fan of Christina Lauren's books, and I couldn't wait to read Dating You Hating You when I first found out about it. There were a lot of things that I really enjoyed about this story, but there were also some things that didn't work as well for me. While I enjoyed this story, it wasn't my favorite from Christina Lauren. 

Carter and Evie meet at a party through mutual friends and immediately hit it off. They are both Hollywood agents. But just as they are starting to make a go of things, they find out that their competing firms are merging. Not only is everything changing, but they also learn that they will have to compete against each other if they want to keep their job. 

I liked Carter and Evie. I felt the chemistry between them right away. Christina Lauren are always great at creating characters with depth and off the charts chemistry and that was definitely the case here. They were sexy together, and I loved the tension and banter between them. There were a lot of really great moments between them, and they had me laughing out loud at parts. 

The one thing I will say though is that while I liked Carter and Evie, I felt like at times their relationship took a back seat to everything else in the story. There was a lot about their jobs and about being a Hollywood agent, and I found myself wanting to skim some of those parts. I wish that the romance would have been more of the focus here as I think I would have really loved it in that case. So while I did enjoy this one, it just wasn't my favorite from these two. Christina Lauren are still a great duo though and I know this won't be the last I read from them.

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