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Monday, June 5, 2017

ARC Review: Forbidden Promises by Katee Robert

This is the fourth book in the O'Malley Boston Crime Family series. I've read all of the books in this series and it's a great series. My suggestion to you if you're looking for a place to enter this series is start from the beginning. There are minor spoilers of the preceding books in the series with each one that comes after. The other thing is that the view of each of the siblings and their partners is very different in the books that are about them versus the books that are about the other siblings. All that being said, start with The Marriage Contract. It's a great book and will be a great intro to the series.

This book is the story of Sloane O'Malley. Sloane has been the super depressed shadow of a person lurking in the prior stories. If you read any of the prior books you'll know that Sloane was slowly suffocating in her life as the crime bosses daughter. She felt more trapped by her surroundings than she felt secure or safe. After Sloane's older sister (featured in another book) leaves, Sloane is barely hanging on when her older brother offers her a way out. Teague (also featured in the opening book in the series) offers to help Sloane escape the Boston crime family. Sloane escapes to a small town where she finds Jude.

Jude is hiding all kinds of secrets about who he is and what he is doing. Jude is big and bad, dark and brooding. He is bossy and desires to control just about everything. Jude is focused on his mission and is not at all looking for love or a relationship. He can't resist his attraction to Sloane though and one time isn't enough. From the minute Jude and Sloane get together that is pretty much it. Jude continues to engage in some epic Aholery but Sloane finds her stride away from her family and has no problem putting Jude in his place. Outside of the bedroom. Inside of the bedroom, Jude unlocks all little Sloane's virgin secrets.

Jude and Sloane are a hot mess of a couple. Neither of them really knows how to be in a relationship and because of their pasts all hell starts breaking loose all around them almost right away. Jude has to decide if his mission is more important to him than a possible relationship with Sloane. Sloane has to decide if she can trust Jude. In between all this action, there is some pretty serious steam.

As a bonus, the author gives us a glimpse into the next stories and surprise surprise, it looks like Dimitri Romanov is getting a book and it's going to involve Keira. That's going to be epic and I can't wait.

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