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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ARC Review: Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams

I was immediately drawn to this book between the sexy cover and the blurb. I thought this one had a lot of potential and I was really excited to read it. Unfortunately this one wasn't entirely what I had been expecting. While Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams did have moments that I enjoyed, this one fell a bit flat for me. 

Hayden has big dreams of becoming the next it girl in the fashion/modeling world. She leaves her small town behind and heads to NYC. But she never expects her new apartment to be so tiny, or her roommate to be so infuriating. Soren is nothing like she expected, leaving his clothes all over and refusing to pick up after himself. Soren has dreams of making the pros in baseball, and between that, school and his job he just doesn't have the time to make sure that everything is to Hayden's liking. Though they have nothing in common, the quickly realize that there is an attraction between them that neither can deny. 

Part of my problem here was that these characters both had moments of immaturity that really had me questioning their ages. They both did and sad things that were just childish, and I found that really hard to get past. While I understand that we all do things like that at that age, this went above and beyond at times. The communication between Hayden and Soren was absolutely horrible, and there were so many things that could have easily been resolved had they just actually talked to one another. I really have a hard time with that kind of thing when it is used as a plot device for the sake of drama, and that is what it felt like here. While these two had great chemistry and I enjoyed the banter between them, I just felt like the entire story was these two acting childish and refusing to just talk. That kept their relationship from being believable to me in the long run. 

 The other thing I had issues with here was the story and its believability. There were just things that forced me to try and suspend all logic and that wasn't realistic. Here you have a 19 year old girl coming from a small town, moving to an NYC apartment with a roommate that she knows nothing about. Not only does she not have a cent to her name, but she has never seen the apartment or roommate but she and her family just let her run off while hoping for the best. Then she goes pretty much the entire story with no real contact with her family and the skeezy agent helping her with her career is just let off the hook and disappears after he crosses the line. Just too much to be believable for me. It was all just swept under the rug and the conclusion was rushed so that it could be wrapped up with a pretty bow at the end. That just didn't work for me. While I think that this one had the potential to be great, it just fell flat overall and I wanted more for Hayden and Soren.

**ARC Provided by Ardent PRose**

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