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Monday, August 21, 2017

ARC Review: Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward

I couldn't wait to get my hands on Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward! She is one of my favorite authors, and with each new book of hers I read I just love her more. I loved the premise of this one though, and the fact that it was a second chance romance was what made it torture waiting for it! Once I got my hands on Landon and Rana's book, I couldn't put it down. 

Landon and Rana were friends as children, but when her parents moved suddenly they lost touch. Rana was never able to forget Landon though, and one night after too much to drink she calls him after finding his phone number. Soon she is letting out years of pent-up emotions on him, but she never expects that he will call her back after she hangs up. Landon and Rana continue to talk and they both realize that the connection they once shared has never gone away. Both have secrets though and they know they could change everything if they were revealed. But what happens when Rana books a ticket to fly and see Landon after years apart and nothing but a few phone conversations in the present? 

I really liked these two. Landon was probably my favorite hero from Penelope Ward to date! I absolutely adored him! Sweet and sexy and impossible not to fall for, he had me swooning from the start. I really liked Rana though too, and together they were perfection. Their connection was undeniable, and I loved that they had never been able to forget one another. They each had things that they had gone through that they were afraid to tell one another and I loved seeing the trust build between them as they got to know one another again. I also really loved how straight forward and honest Landon was. I loved that he revealed everything to Rana, even knowing it could cost him everything. I really admired that and it was just another reason I loved him. 

Overall, this was another great read from Penelope. I will say that the reason this wasn't a five star book for me was that while I loved the story, there were a few common threads here from her other books. While the story itself was different, she has a few habits that she tends to stick with and you can almost check them off a list at times. While the circumstances are always different, I was able to predict Rana's big secret with ease due to Penelope's past books and I would have liked to have not known and been surprised. The story was still really good and one I definitely recommend, I just wish that I hadn't been able to figure it out ahead of time. But trust me when I say that this book is worth the read for Landon alone. I love Penelope Ward's books, and this was another great one.

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