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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

ARC Review: Sexcation by Heidi McLaughlin

I was immediately drawn in by the blurb of Sexcation by Heidi McLaughlin. It really had me wanting to read this story without giving much information at all. While there was a lot of promise here and some enjoyable moments, this wasn't my favorite book of Heidi's. I still think that a lot of readers will enjoy it though and if it sounds like one you might like it's worth checking out. 

Jade and Jackson are on a week long vacation, and when they meet they are each looking for an escape from their lives. They decide to spend the week together with some great sex, but no details about each other, including names. But what happens when their time together is over and things aren't as easy as they thought they would be to walk away from? 

I did like these two, though I will admit that I struggled a bit at times with Jade. She was very emotional at times and that made it hard for me to connect with her. I liked Jackson and felt like he was a good guy, but again I felt like I couldn't connect with him. I just felt like there wasn't much that I could relate to or feel invested in with these two, and that had my interest waning as this book went on. They did have some good banter and some cute moments, but I just had a hard time finding much to really care about here.

I also felt like things were a bit repetitive at times, with Jackson constantly having to prove himself and Jade making things beyond complicated. There were a few surprises here and I did enjoy those. So while this one wasn't entirely what I was looking for or hoping it would be, there were several things that I did like. This one unfortunately though was just okay and wasn't great for me. I still think it is worth the shot though as a lot of other readers seemed to really love this one.

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