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Sunday, September 10, 2017

ARC Review: Going Dark by Monica McCarty

Going Dark is slang for cutting off communication, in military terms it mean not the loss of communication but dropping it in favor of something that can’t be monitored. In Monica McCarty’s Going Dark we follow SEAL Team Nine and their final mission. They were betrayed and forced to go dark and let the world think they are dead until they can find out who was behind the betrayal. They split up to follow different leads, Dean goes to Scotland to track Russian sub activity, all he has to do is lay low until the time is right.

Annie Henderson is a marine ecologist, she came to this little Scottish island to peacefully protest the start of off shore drilling. Annie has a strange feeling the entire time, something does not feel right and she doesn’t trust her boyfriend’s mentor. It doesn’t help that the extremely sexy dive boat captain is very distracting and just increases her paranoia of the whole situation. Turns out she should have back out when she wanted to because instead of camera equipment in the cargo hold she finds explosives. The only person she can trust is Dan the Dive boat captain even if she knows he’s not telling the truth about himself. Together they have to brave the rough waters and the eco-terrorists that blamed the death of three people on Annie and Dan. In desperation Dean does the only thing he can do break radio silence and ask his CO for help.

Annie and “Dan” are opposites but the sexual chemistry is strong enough they don’t care. For me that’s all there was, I didn’t get them, I could not see them past the sexual chemistry. I didn’t really see anything that made them seem like a lifelong couple; especially since Dean still is in hiding. All the time they spent explaining to each other why they are the way them are and the events that helped shape them and the arguments about being liberal and conservative were really annoying.

Overall, I am curious about what happened to SEAL Team Nine but Annie and Dean did nothing for me. It was good on action and the SEAL Team issue sounds really interesting, if the future books have more of that in the story line I would love to read them but if they continue like this one, nope.

**ARC provided by Publisher**

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