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Sunday, December 31, 2017

ARC Review: Defenseless by Elizabeth Dyer

Defenseless is the first book of Elizabeth Dyers Somerton Security series. The one thing that called me to this book aside from it being romantic suspense was the role reversal, how the main characters Georgia is the retired marine and now in private security and Parker is the uber-smart tech specialist in need of security. What I like when I started reading was the technical aspect of it, I love smart books and the effort the author goes through to research it. I enjoyed the bits of pop culture geeky stuff that was there. The beginning of the book and the introduction to the characters was definitely the best part of the book, the interaction between Georgia and Parker was hysterical. Once the action started the story became more serious and at about the halfway point or so it kind of dragged on a little bit. It really goes in detail about their pasts and motivations and Parker explaining his program and that’s all broken up by some action scenes and sex, really hot sex. 

What was only supposed to be a short job until Georgia and Parker get swept up in an Eagle Eye, you know that one movie, type adventure. The program Parker wrote for the government which he is supposed to be the only one in charge of it starts to target Parker and the rest of his black ops teammates. It all started when Parker noticed certain files which he was not privy to, files that he is should have full access to, and he hacked into them to discover someone has been using his program for profit. When he alerts his team leader, Ethan who is also his best friend and owner of a private security firm, about it sets off security protocols and triggers an alarm setting into motion a chase for their lives until Parker can figure out how to fix it.

Overall, I really did enjoy this it was well written aside from previous stated issue, and I kind of wish the humor carried throughout the whole book more than it did. Parker is a delightful complex guy who is both cocky and slightly insecure and Georgia tries so hard to be the toughest and the strongest she doesn’t see how much stronger she can be if she lets in Parker. She is also a complex character with her past and everything with her brother it’s a wonder she didn’t lose it. Parker and Georgia are so different but their similarities out weight the differences and it going to be an interesting life for those two. There is so much more to this story and it has seeds planted for the next book, I’ll definitely keep a look out for it.

**ARC Provided by Publisher**

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