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Friday, January 5, 2018

A Naughty New Year with Allison Gatta

Allison Gatta is an avid writer of steamy contemporary romance, an obsessive viewer of bad television, and an occasional player of overly-complex board games. In her free time, she thinks up fun, new characters and argues with her family over sci-fi trivia. She is a firm believer that Voldemort would vanquish Darth Vader in a duel.

Allison lives in the bustling city of New Haven, CT with her husband and their scrappy pup, Sophie. She is fueled by coffee and feedback, so feel free to get to know Allison through Twitter (@Allison_Gatta), Facebook (Allison Gatta), or her website

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So, at the start of One Week the Marine, both Holden and Averyare taking scope of their lives. Holden even makes a list of resolutions (including snagging Avery for good!), like so many of us do this time of year. Now I *could* show you the scene where he does that, but...where's the fun in that? Instead, let's see some of that good, good sexy stuff.

"I should probably make warm milk or something. Or--" She stumbled over the words, but it didn't matter. She was already following his touch, leaning backward until her shoulder blades connected with the warmth of his chest. One broad hand wrapped around her waist and she held her breath as his thumb dipped beneath the elastic of her waistband.

Just one thumb. Just enough for her to know he was there, keeping her still.

With the other hand, he brushed her hair away from her face and behind her ear.

"Holden--" She started, but he hushed her.

"Just relax," his whisper filled the darkness and she tried, really tried, to do as he said, but she was too aware, too hard-wired to do anything but focus on his touch. On how close his lips were to the shell of her ear. She could feel his warm breath there, going in an out slower and slower.

Unbidden, the memory of his kiss returned to her. The softness of his lips. The way he'd coaxed her to respond, to give and take in equal measure until she was nothing but putty in his hands. An ache rose between her thighs, and again she thought of his thumb, resting so gently above the apex of her sex.

"Holden," she whispered. "Will you touch me?"

Best friends with benefits…

Avery Forrester has never been the type to settle down—not to one place, not to one job, and certainly not to one man. Still, when her long-term best friend with benefits comes home on leave with a plan—including marriage and children—she realizes she'll have to do something drastic in order to keep him. Luckily, drastic is what she does best.

…isn't enough anymore.

U.S. Marine Holden Morris has never backed down from a challenge. And this time, that challenge is persuading wild child Avery Forrester, the woman he's loved his entire life, to marry him. He wants the whole deal—a wife, a family. But convincing her to become a military wife won't be easy. Then again, he knows Avery—in every way possible. Armed with that kind of knowledge—carnal and otherwise--how can he possibly fail?

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  1. Very steamy scene! This is a must read, putting it on my TBR - right away list!