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Friday, January 5, 2018

ARC Review: Follow by Tessa Bailey

This is Tessa Bailey's first self published book and if it is indicative of what is to come, her career in self publishing is going to be fantastic. I didn't even read a synopsis of this book. I just knew it was a Tessa Bailey book and figured it was worth trying. I so love when I'm right like I was here. 

Teresa is 23 and living in LA. Both of her parents are deceased. Teresa's family consist of her and her 20 year old brother Nicky. Nicky has gone to NY and gotten himself tangled up with the very crime lord that her parents escaped a decade ago. It's never really clear how Nicky got tangled up with the Devil but he calls Teresa for help. Teresa drops everything, including her dream of going to film school and goes to NY to help her brother. Teresa meets with the crime boss, Silas, and a weird thing happens. Silas is willing to let Teresa's brother out of his criminal employment if Teresa will help him. What he needs help with is getting his son Will back to NY. Will is on a cross country trip to give his dying dog one last treasure trove of memories. 

Will is a hedge fund manager who has been very successful but who let work become his whole life. Will also feels like he built his life on what his Father wanted. When he realized he never really knew who his Father was, it changes his view of who he is and who he should be. So when Will finds out that his beloved dog is dying, he puts Southpaw in the car and heads out of town. When Will meets a beautiful topless stranger in his hotel room in Texas he is suspicious but he is also attracted and intrigued. 

From the first time Teresa meets Will she loses track of where her hustle begins and where she is just genuinely into Will. The attraction between these characters is seriously off the pages hot. The sex scenes are like, OMG! I really liked how the author handled role playing. Teresa has a fantasy that Will is willing to play out with her but he is so respectful about it instead of it just being sexual it becomes another opportunity to see how Will feels about Teresa. It is clear that Will loves Teresa almost immediately and vice versa. But both Will and Teresa know that Teresa is lying about something. Will keeps trying to get Teresa to tell him what it is and Teresa keeps chickening out. Teresa is terrified of endangering her brother and she hesitates too long and everything goes to crap. They get it all figured out but it was dicey for a minute there. 

If you like super dirty talking alpha men, dog lovers, travel books and a bit of action, this book is for you. It's a totally entertaining experience and very hot. Add this to the Tessa Bailey hit list.

**ARC Provided by Author**

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