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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ARC Review: Pleasures of a Tempted Lady by Jennifer Haymore

When I finished reading the last book from Jennifer Haymore, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. I had such high expectations for it. Unfortunately I think my high expectations ruined it a bit. I just couldn't really get into this book and it just felt like it moved so slowly.

Eight years ago while sailing home to Antigua with her sisters Meg accidentally fell overboard and was never found. She was presumed to be dead, but in truth she has spent the last eight years held captive by a pirate. Finally Meg has been able to escape and she has taken the pirates son Jake whom she has come to love as if her were her own son. During her escape Meg and Jake were caught in a terrible storm and both are now just floating aimlessly in the ocean hoping to find help.

Captain William Langley has spent the last eight years thinking about Meg and just how much he loved her. Will would give anything to just see her once again and let her know just how much he loved her. Will is out on a mission to find smugglers when he comes across a small boat with two passengers. Imagine his shock when he discovers one of the passengers just happens to be his long lost Meg. While can't believe his eyes to see Meg again. Will is bound and determined to never lose Meg again, and he will do everything he can to keep both her and Jake safe.

For me, I just had such a difficult time connecting with Meg. I just never really warmed up to her and I honestly didn't like her all that much. She just came off as cold and a bit uncaring towards everyone but Jake. I understand that she's been through a lot with being held captive for the last eight years, but I would have liked to see her make more a connection with her family and Will. She continuously keeps them at an arms length and seems so uncaring to their feelings. She purposely makes irrational decisions regardless of anyone else's opinions. She is very stubborn. Instead of asking for help or even just unburdening herself of the truth, she runs and keeps everything a secret. It was very aggravating to read.

As for Will, oh my goodness but he was an amazing hero. For the last eight years he has held a torch for Meg and never gave up his love for her. Even despite the rumors of her death, he stayed truthful to her and I found that so endearing. His emotions jumped off the page and slapped you in the face. I like that even though you know just how much he loves Meg he doesn't come off as a pansy.

One thing I did enjoy with this story was the secondary characters. I liked seeing more of Meg's family and seeing more of Jessica. I'll be honest, at first I found Jessica really annoying and slightly snobby but by the end of the book I really liked her. I also really liked getting to know Briggs. I liked him so much that I wish he would have gotten his own book. There is just so much more I would have liked to see from him.

**ARC copy provided by NetGalley**



  1. I can certainly understand how Meg would be afraid to reach out to her family again. Could she be in some kind of shock? We've read that people who've been held captive for some period of time tend to connect with their captors. Could this be what has happened to Meg? Is that what Jennifer Haymore is trying to portray in this novel? I'm even more intrigued at reading this novel.

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