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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dani's Best of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close and we move into 2013 I can't help but look back on what a year 2012 has been. It's been full of many ups and a few downs but I wouldn't change a thing. This was such a great year of books and I've read so many that it was hard coming up with my favorites. This year I've read 155 books 35 more than I pledged and I still can't believe it. I've had a blast and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in-store for us all. As 2012 comes to a close I wanted to share some of the books that top my list of favorites this year. Are any of my favorites on your lists? What were some of your favorite reads of 2012?

Anthology/Short Story

Hot in Handcuffs by Shayla Black, Sylvia Day and Shiloh Walker (Review)

This book was the first time I was introduced to Shayla Black and Shiloh Walker and it made me realize that I have been seriously missing out. This book was so freaking good. With each story I was unable to turn away.

Three Schemes and a Scandal by Maya Rodale (Review)
This is by far my favorite short story that I read this year. This book was so cute and the antics of Charlotte had me laughing out loud. The situations she was able to get herself into were hilarious and I kept turning the page to see what was the next predicament she was going to get herself into. Not only was this story witty, the relationship between James and Charlotte was quite sweet and brought a smile to my face.


On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

If you haven't read this book you are seriously missing out. This book tops my list of all-time favorite books and I just loved it. It was just so good. I loved the mix of humor, drama and sexytimes. Branden is hot and sexy and I am so in love with him. I love that he's such an alpha but at the same time so loving and caring. The relationship between him and Jocelyn is so hot and intense that I just couldn't make myself stop reading.

Texas Wide Open by KC Klein

As the title suggests, this book will leave you wide open. It was raw and intense and so full of emotion. You find yourself rooting for this couple to get their HEA but it seems like it's not in the cards for them. And just when you think things couldn't get any worse the author throws you for a loop that you never see coming. I LOVED this book and my heart breaks for Cole. So, so good.

Debut Book

A Lady's Revenge by Tracey Devlyn (Review)

This was a spectacular debut by Tracey Devlyn and after finishing it, it made me thirsty for more. I love the intensity she was able to bring forth in her characters. They are full of passion and such raw emotion. This book was definitely not a light and fluffy read. It's dark and twisted and full of so much hurt and pain. Being able to watch Cora and Guy come together and battle the demons in Cora's past was so difficult at times yet so rewarding when we finally see them get their HEA.

How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins (Review)

This was such a terrific debut by Manda Collins and it made me an instant fan. This book was such a cute and charming read and I just loved the passion and chemistry between Cecily and Lucas.


Reflected in You by Sylvia Day (Review)

It's not everyday that a book affects me the way this one did. It's been months since I've read it and I still can't stop thinking about it. The relationship between Gideon and Eva is so intense and in your face and yet filled with so much raw passion. It left me in tears and I find that I'm still trying to process everything.

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly (Review)

OMG! Seriously, this is one of the hottest books I've read in a while and I just couldn't put it down. When I say hot I seriously mean HOT! Like wet your panties definitely not safe for public consumption hot! What I like the most about this book is that it's not just about sex. We are introduced to three characters full of depth, passion and love. I may not be the biggest fan of menage books because I always feel like someone is left by the wayside, but this book made me believe it can actually work.


A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare (Review)

I can't express how much I adored this book. It's sweet, funny at times and filled with so much angst and emotion. It's about two people coming together who think they don't deserve love. The love these two share is so unbelievably sweet and tender and I just couldn't get enough.

Lyon's Bride by Cathy Maxwell

This book was just so good. I read it in one sitting and I can't even begin to describe the emotions it made me feel. I loved this story and I found myself on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen. Even though I knew a HEA was imminent I was still turning pages wondering if it was going to be possible. Just so good.

The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen (Review)

Let me just start by saying this book was amazing and it made me cry. Full of action, suspense, mystery and some pretty steamy love scenes it had me turning the pages in an attempt to keep up with everything. I just couldn't put it down.

Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale (Review)

A great mix of humor and romance and I found I couldn't put it down once I began. I loved the antics of Dear Annabelle and I couldn't wait to see what the Nodcock would do next. Annabelle has been in love with Derek Knightly for years and has finally decided that she is going to take charge and make him notice her. This book was hilarious and sexy all at the same time. I loved the romance between these two.


Lover Reborn by JR Ward

I cried like a freakin' baby. It's been well over nine months since I read this book and I still can't really think about it without feeling the urge to crawl into a ball and cry my eyes out. This book is intense and raw and exceeded all of my expectations.

Seduced by Blood by Laurie London (Review)

This book was a surprise for me. I wasn't the biggest Santiago fan going in but that quickly changed. In previous books I thought Santiago was an ass and full of himself. I loved being able to see things from his perspective and the relationship between him and Roxy is hot.


Lords of Deliverance series by Larissa Ione
Larissa is one of my all-time favorite authors and the last two books in her Lords of Deliverance definitely top my list of favorite books of 2012. She finished this series with a bang and I can't wait to see what's next for everyone in her world. Her books are intense, action packed and sexy. I love that she is always able to make everything in her world seem so realistic and she certainly knows how to write a sexy alphas. I find I can never get enough of her writing and I'm excited to see what's in store for us.

Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis
I haven't read all of the books in the Lucky Harbor series, but the three that I have read quickly solidified a place for Jill Shalvis on my auto-buy list. Before I read these books I wasn't the biggest fan of the contemporary genre. Mrs. Shalvis has definitely made me a fan and I find I just can't get enough. What I love most is the relationships she is able to create within her world. Not only is the relationship between her hero and heroine stellar, but she is able to create such a rapport between the people of Lucky Harbor that brings a smile to my face. She excels at writing witty and sexy characters and I wish Lucky Harbor was a real town because I want to live there.

Honorable Mentions


  1. WOW! My goal was 65 books and only made it to 61. I bow down to your 155. :)

    Happy New Year and happy reading in 2013!

    1. Thanks Leah. I still can't believe I read that much.

  2. I only read 90 books this year whereas I challenge to read 150 books (blame the giveaway I joined that took my reading time lol)

  3. Danielle, thanks so much for listing A Lady's Revenge on your top 2012 debut list. I'm so completely honored. Have a fabulous 2013!!