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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

ARC Review: Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

I must admit that after having read a few books by Lisa Renee Jones before Escaping Reality that I have high expectations when I read anything by her now. That being said, her first New Adult novel definitely did not disappoint, and it even exceeded my expectations! She has once again proved why she is an auto-buy for me! This story was hot and compelling and I didn't put it down until I had devoured the entire book! The story was extremely well written and the characters were all interesting and complex. This book started off with a bang and kept me from being able to put it down as I just couldn't wait to see what came next, often times being completely surprised!

Amy has been running and hiding for 6 years. One night, she finds an envelope with her name taped to a bathroom mirror at an event for the museum where she just accepted a new job. The envelope contains a note from a guy she met only once, years before when he saved her life. With the threat of being discovered and in danger, her handler helps her get out of town to the airport where she will fly to a new town, and begin another new life. What she doesn't expect is the handsome stranger who she connects with from across the airport. Once on board the plane, Amy and the sexy stranger Liam wind up sitting next to each other and quickly realize that the attraction between them is off the charts. As Amy begins her new life and she gets to know Liam, she begins to wonder if he might be the one person she can be herself with and trust enough to tell her whole story to. Liam has his own secrets though, and as they both begin to share small details of their lives with each other, their connection becomes stronger. Even though Amy is starting to feel as though she isn't alone for the first time in years, she begins questioning everything when several of the details don't add up about the way her handler has set up her new life. The more she discovers, the more she feels as though she is being watched and she begins to think the only option she has left is to leave without a trace, so that even her handler can't follow her. It means leaving behind Liam and the first real connection she has found in years, but at least then he wont be in danger of being killed because of her like every other person she has loved. But Liam is not ready to let Amy go and he is determined to show Amy that she belongs with him.

I absolutely loved Liam. He is mysterious, charming and sexy and wants nothing more than to protect and care for Amy. What really sold me on his character was that even though he wants to demand answers and get to the bottom of what Amy is running from, he was extremely patient with her. Often times telling her that she could tell him things when she was ready. He was dominant and took control when he knew she needed it and then at other times he was extremely gentle with her. I really liked that he opened up to her knowing that if he wanted to earn her trust, he had to start by offering her the same from himself and needed to give her some of his own secrets.

Amy was independent and strong, and I found myself sympathizing with her character instantly. Knowing that she has been struggling to survive on her own for years and from such a young age really makes you admire all that she is. It would have been so easy for her to rely on Liam and the money that he has, and yet she refused to let him simply provide for her and was determined to do things her way and with her money. Even though she has had to change everything about herself including her name, it really seemed that underneath she had not let any of that change her personality and the root of who she really is.

Overall, I thought that this was a wonderful debut into the New Adult genre for Lisa Renee Jones! The connection between Liam and Amy is believable and so enthralling that the reader can't help but be drawn into this book. The scenes between them were steamy and hot, and they definitely had a ton of chemistry! My only complaint with this book is that there was the dreaded cliffhanger ending, and man was it a shocker! I sat stunned for several minutes wondering what had just happened! I need to know what happens next, and I can't imagine having to wait to find out! It just might kill me! But luckily for us readers, I hear that Jones wont be making us wait too long for the second novel in her Secret Life of Amy Bensen series! I know I will be the first in line to get Infinite Possibilities when it is released, and I cannot wait to read even more from Jones. If you love some mystery and some smoking hot chemistry with your romance, this is an absolute must read for fans of any genre. I highly recommend that if you haven't read anything by Jones yet that you give her a try, you wont be disappointed!

**ARC provided by Author**

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  1. Great review! Lisa Renee Jones does know how to write romantic suspense. I am looking forward to both books in this series.