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Thursday, December 5, 2013

ARC Review: Once a Rake by Eileen Dreyer

In February, 2012 at the finish of the third of the Drake’s Rakes series (Always a Temptress) we left Ian Ferguson shot, in the sea, branded a traitor, and presumed dead. I have waited (impatiently) for 20 long months with Ian’s situation weighing heavily on my mind. Finally the story continues in Once a Rake. Was it worth the wait? You bet it was. I love this series and was delighted to rejoin this intriguing group of guys. Eileen Dreyer is a masterful writer. Her way of describing details painted a totally engaging picture.

The giant Scotsman, Ian Ferguson, is enmeshed in political and military intrigue. He is accused of attempting to kill Wellington when he is actually protecting him. Ian escapes the situation by diving into the sea and is shot in the process. He makes his way to land and hides in a building on the property of Lady Sarah Clarke (who, in the most gigantic coincidence, happens to be best friends with his sisters). Sarah’s husband went off to fight in the war against Napoleon four years earlier and has not returned. She struggles to manage the estate and take care of various relatives and friends that live there. The attraction between Ian and Sarah is swift and strong, but numerous issues prevent them being a couple. Ian is engaged and needs his prospective wife to gain the political influence to initiate reforms. Sarah has a missing husband and greedy relatives waiting to take the property at the first misstep. Ian is a wanted man and Sarah is harboring a fugitive. After Sarah helps Ian recover from his gunshot wound he heads to a nearby estate party to get help from his friends in proving his innocence. Sarah has to accompany him as a semi-hostage. It takes quite a bit of adventure and intrigue to unravel this complicated mess and the road to their Happily Ever After is difficult and twisted.

I love the Rakes! The entire series is planned to encompass nine books and Dreyer has organized them into three trilogies or sub-series. The first three (The Three Graces) were released in 2011 and early 2012. Once A Rake begins the second trilogy (called Last Chance Academy for the school that Sarah and her friends attended). It is not necessary to have read the previous trilogy to enjoy Once a Rake, but it is so much more interesting if you know about the other Rakes. Each guy has a unique personality and their interaction is a strong element of the series. Once a Rake was a great adventure and romance story. The relationship between Ian and Sarah was sweet, steamy and genuine. It was particularly nice that Ian realized Sarah felt unwanted and he was so sympathetic and supportive. There was a good lead-in for the next book, Twice Tempted, about Rakes Alex and Chuffy (I LOVE Chuffy!). Please, Ms. Dreyer, do not make me wait so long for it. It’s killing me!

**ARC provided by Net Galley**

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  1. Wow!! Apparently I need to read this series, it sounds like a adventure. Thanks for the great review!! Adding this series to my list.