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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ARC Review: Seducing Her Rival by Seleste deLaney

Mercedes Vega and Lucas Bellamy meet on a cruise ship while they are both on vacation. Mercedes accidentally spills her drink on him. Although this is not a pleasant experience Lucas is instantly attracted to Mercedes and she is also to him. They meet up for dinner and share a very hot and steamy night together. Mercedes and Lucas are rivals for the same property. He is very rich and also a bachelor. He wants Mercedes to get to know him for who he is and not his money so he does not tell her his last name. Lucas is used to being treated differently because of his money.

Mercedes is ordering room service when she finds out who Lucas really is. She is shocked to discover that they are “enemies”. Mercedes is very dedicated to Better Todays a charity for children. She is very passionate about the children she helps and will do anything to make sure that they get a chance to make it. Both Lucas and Mercedes have very good intentions for the property and both feel that their idea will benefit the neighborhood. Mercedes decides that she is not going to back down after finding out that Lucas is her rival. She wants to seduce him and gain the upper-hand.

Lucas knows that Mercedes is up to something but can't figure out what. They both realize that after their cruise is over their life’s will go separate ways. Mercedes is also very intimidated by their different levels of money. While she does not have any money to throw around Lucas is very wealthy. When Lucas wins the property Mercedes feels betrayed and refuses to see or speak to him. He lavishes her with gifts but she uses them for Better Todays. Ultimately neither can deny their very strong attraction for each other. Lucas realizes that Mercedes passion is well intentioned just like his.

This was a fun and light story. It was great to see a Latin as the heroine.

**ARC provided by Publisher**


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