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Sunday, December 22, 2013

ARC Review: Snowed Over by Angie Stanton

Angie Stanton is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. Her stories are sweet and filled with extremely likable characters that you can't help but fall for. I really enjoy her writing style and I think that her books always have such a great flow. They really pull you in and you become extremely invested in the characters and their HEAs. Snowed Over was no exception, and I really enjoyed reading about Alex and Katie. Snowed Over is a short holiday themed novella, and is the perfect read to bring the reader some holiday cheer.

After Katie's parents decided to separate a few months back, Katie is dreading going to her mom's Not Boyfriend's house for Christmas. This is the first Christmas that she and her sister will spend without their family and normal traditions. Katie gets a ride from a friend of her roommate's brother. Things don't start off well when Alex arrives late to pick her up and they begin the trip while a storm starts heading their way. After swerving to avoid a deer, Alex's truck ends up in a river and they are left out in the cold. They quickly find a cabin to hole up in and wait out the storm. Alex and Katie work to make the best of being snowed in and an easy friendship begins. Soon they are both feeling more than friendly though, and realize that they are starting to care more for each other. But with Alex needing to convince his fiance that he really is through with her they know that they should wait to pursue anything. What happens when they are finally rescued and have to return to the real world? Can Alex and Katie take their time snowed in at a stranger's cabin and turn it into a relationship, or will there be too many things standing in their way?

I really liked Alex, despite his heinous fiance/ex-fiance Trina and the fact that he let her treat him as a doormat. I thought that he was sweet and smart and he really seemed to be an all around good guy. He took care of Katie and I loved how they started off by developing a friendship first. Alex seemed like an easy going guy and he fit perfectly with Katie. Katie was really easy to like. She was smart and funny and was able to handle herself well. I loved how she looked after Alex and tried to take care of him as best she could. I also really loved how drama free she was. She actually sat and listened when Alex explained everything going on in his life and she didn't jump to conclusions. She cared about him and was very understanding of everything. I also loved how she was always on his side and didn't react like a catty girl when she was faced with Trina. Alex and Katie were really sweet together and there was a lot of sexual tension between them. They had great chemistry and were a natural fit for each other. I found them to be so real and believable.

I really enjoyed reading this story, and I liked that it wasn't your typical holiday novella. Katie and Alex really had to make the best of their situation and I loved that they were still able to capture the spirit of the holidays with their story. Their exchanging of gifts and cooking together was really adorable and I couldn't get enough of these two. They had great banter as well, and I really loved their wit. I have to admit that I really loved how thoughtful Alex was with their first date and even if I hadn't already been swooning over him that definitely would have done it. My sole complaint with this one was the same complaint I have with most novellas, and that is the length. I'm greedy, and I wanted more Alex and Katie. I would have loved to have seen more of the two of them as they went on their first date and beyond. I always want to get a peek into the HEA, and I feel like we were just starting with Alex and Katie's. I hope that maybe someday we will get more of Alex and Katie as I would love to read more about them. Snowed Over is a great holiday story, but its also just a really great romance. It is sweet and charming and will leave you feeling the holiday spirit. I recommend this one to anyone looking for a quick Christmas story that has a great romance to go along with it.

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