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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

ARC Review: Christmas Catch by Chelsea M. Cameron

Novellas are always really hit or miss for me. Sometimes the length is just not enough to do a story justice and they end up feeling rushed or incomplete. But I really love a holiday novella, because they are usually just the perfect amount of holiday spirit to really get me in the mood. Christmas Catch by Chelsea M. Cameron was short and sweet and I really enjoyed reading about these two great characters. I am so glad that I read this novella because it was extremely well written and a very fun read.

Two years ago, Ivy left her small hometown for Columbia determined to have more out of life than a small town future. The only thing that she was sad to leave behind was Sawyer. But she knew that things would never work out with him going to Georgetown and her at Columbia, so she decided to end things before they fell apart. Now her mom has convinced her to return home for Christmas, and as she is on her way into town she ends up swerving to avoid hitting a deer and ends up with her car in the ditch. The first person to drive by and offer help happens to be Sawyer. Ivy ends up running into him several times, and they finally begin to talk about what happened when they broke up. The connection and feelings are still strong between them, and they realize that just because they broke up doesn't mean that things are over. With both of their families determined to see them together, Sawyer and Ivy begin spending time together. Will they realize that love is worth fighting for and try to make things work?

I really liked Sawyer. He was sweet and thoughtful and was willing to sacrifice everything to help his mom out after his father died. I loved how he remembered everything that Ivy liked and he seemed to never have stopped caring about her. I thought it was really great that he knew her so well despite their time apart. He was just a really likable hero that you couldn't help but root for. I liked Ivy a lot too. Even though she had made a bad decision to break up with Sawyer and lost touch with everyone after moving, you could tell that she was doing what she thought she needed to. She was determined to make a better life for herself and didn't want anything to stand in her way. I think that even though it seemed sort of rash to give up everything without even trying, that a lot of that was just her age and her trying to protect herself. Sawyer and Ivy were great together though, and you could tell that they really belonged together. They had great chemistry and were a really sweet couple.

I also really enjoyed reading about the unique and fun holiday traditions that Ivy's family had. I thought that they were really interesting and they really made the story a great holiday read. My one complaint about this book is that I wasn't ready for it to be over. I felt like Ivy and Sawyer had a nice ending in this story. But because of the length I was left wanting more of them and wanting to see what happened in the future for them. I would love to read more about Sawyer and Ivy and I hope that maybe the author will write another story around these two. I just have to know what happens now and in the future for them! Sawyer and Ivy were definitely worth reading about, and I would highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a sweet and satisfying holiday romance story. This one will put you in the holiday spirit and leave you smiling.

**ARC provided by Inkslinger PR**

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