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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Review: Collide by Riley Hart

I have to admit that I have sort of been on a M/M kick lately and have pretty much devoured any of them I can get my hands on. I am pretty new to this genre, but the more of it I read the more I love it. There is just something hot about two guys together. I never thought that I would enjoy this genre as much as I do. When I first read the blurb about Collide by Riley Hart, I knew I had to read it. I am so glad that I read this story. I really enjoyed this one, and I cannot wait to read more from Riley Hart. This was a great start to her Blackcreek series, and I can't wait to get Wes and Braden's story next.

Noah and Cooper were best friends as soon as they happened to collide while going for the same football at age ten. Noah grew up moving around constantly, but finally felt like he had found a home in Blackcreek. Not only did he feel at home, but he also met Cooper there. Cooper was the only real friend he ever had. But one day while Coop is out of town with his aunt, Noah's parents up and leave taking Noah with them. Noah and Cooper never knew what happened to the other. Seventeen years later though, Noah returns to Blackcreek and literally collides with Coop again. Noah is looking for a place to settle, and Blackcreek was the only place he ever felt at home. Not only is Noah suffering from being cheated on, but then his car breaks down. As he begins the walk into town, he is hit by a truck. Coop just so happens to be driving the truck that hits him. Not having a place to stay, Coop offers to let Noah stay with him for the time being. Coop and Noah pick their friendship back up where they left off, but things are different after all these years. When Coop finds out that Noah is gay, he is very surprised but also curious. As the two spend more time together, their feelings for each other grow. Noah knows that Coop has always been straight, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to be with his best friend. Coop has never been attracted to a man before, but this is Noah and they have always had a strong connection to each other. Noah and Coop begin to explore their new relationship and see where things go. But when secrets from the past are revealed and people begin to find out about the two of them, can they have the relationship they both want? Or will they end up being torn apart?

I really loved both Coop and Noah. Coop is a sexy firefighter who has never done commitment. He lost his parents to a fire when he was young and was raised by his aunt and uncle. He grew up being told by his uncle to move on and the only person he was ever really able to open up to about everything was Noah. Coop was vulnerable, but he was able to really connect with Noah even at a young age. I loved that he really cared about Noah and was able to accept Noah for who he was. At first Coop tries to fight his feelings, but I loved that he quickly realized that his feelings were real and that he didn't waste a lot more time by continuing to fight it. Noah was strong and proud. He wasn't afraid to be who he was and was very clear about not caring what others thought. I loved that he didn't push too hard with Coop, and that he really was there to support him through everything. Noah and Coop were really great together, and I loved that their connection to each other went so deep. They both felt like they were the best friends they had ever had and felt a comfort and ease with each other that they never found with anyone else. I think their relationship seemed so real and natural because they had such a great foundation and friendship. I loved how hot these guys were together, and they had such amazing chemistry.

Overall, I really felt like Coop and Noah were absolutely perfect for each other. They were friends first, but truly became partners in every sense of the word. I loved watching as they took their relationship from friendship to lovers as their love grew. I really felt their love and connection to each other. I was immediately invested in these characters and thought that they were extremely likable. They were funny and I loved how they gave each other a hard time and were able to banter. As much as I liked Cooper and Noah, I also really liked Wes and Braden. I am really excited to get their story next, and to get to know them both better. I am definitely a fan of Riley Hart after reading this great story, and I really liked her writing style. I would recommend this story to any fan of romance, but I think that this is a must read for fans of the M/M genre. Regardless of what you might at first think about reading a M/M book though, this book is really just a story about love and friendship which just happens to be between two men.

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